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SunSystems® Cloud

SunSystems Cloud, also known as SunSystems 7, is the latest generation of the market-leading financial management system, SunSystems, now available as a true SaaS offering.

Underpinned by Infor OS (Operating Service), Infor’s powerful Digital Transformation platform, SunSystems Cloud delivers industrial strength financial ERP with all the power, flexibility, and reliability of Infor SunSystems Classic at an affordable price and scalable to your business needs.

Flexible Financial ERP

Included in the subscription are all the Infor SunSystems modules that you need to support your business.

Typically, you might start small with just the Financials by implementing the Accounting module (sales ledger, purchase ledger, cash book and general ledger) and then switch on other modules as your business demands more functionality.

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Out-of-the-box Digital Transformation

Underpinning SunSystems Cloud is Infor OS – game changing technology for any business looking to streamline their business processes, integrate disparate applications seamlessly, and encourage greater collaboration between their finance department and other areas of the business.

The system can be customised to specific user requirements so only the information that is pertinent to them performing their role is visible including applications, functions, dashboards, alerts and KPI’s.

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Want to know if SunSystems Cloud is right for you?

Not sure whether SunSystems Cloud is right for you? Do you need to discuss your specific requirements? We would be more than happy to talk through your needs and discuss how SunSystems Cloud might be right for your company.

Simply fill out this form, and one of our expert advisors will get in touch.


No more upgrades

With SunSystems Cloud you no longer have to worry about updates or undergo disruptive upgrades every few years as your application software is always up to date.

You can be assured in the knowledge that your software is always the current supported version.

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Safe & Secure

Over the past several years we have heard horror stories from some of our SunSystems users who have suffered malware and ransomware attacks which have cost them weeks of downtime and tens of thousands of pounds to reinstate their systems.

With the cloud, that risk is almost zero, powered by AWS the Infor Cloud is super secure, with layers of security and technologies that would be outside the realms of most SME businesses.

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Lower cost of ownership

When you own software you don’t just pay for a licence, you also have to pay for the hardware (including the energy to run the hardware), security and operating system as well as for your IT and employees to maintain the infrastructure with the correct skills and expertise.

With SunSystems Cloud, all costs including IT and infrastructure, are incorporated as part of your subscription to the software

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SunSystems Cloud unveiled at TouchstoneLIVE 2022

Infor joined the Touchstone team at their clients conference TouchstoneLIVE 2022 to share their vision and plan for SunSystems and the cloud.

Here are some of the highlights, see what our clients, partners and colleagues thought about TouchstoneLIVE 2022.

New User Adoption

We will work with you to design and configure SunSystems Cloud to meet the needs of your business now, and in the future.

Once your subscription is active, we will train and upskill your users to ensure you are utilising the software to its full potential to benefit your business.

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Moving to SunSystems Cloud

For existing users of SunSystems 6.3 and 6.4 we have developed an upgrade path to move you to the cloud, quickly and easily.

If you’re on an older version of SunSystems, we can migrate your data, the process takes a little longer and may cost a little more, but the one-off cost will result in an immediate benefit to your organisation.

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SunSystems Cloud Resources

Our resources section and blog are home to the following three pieces that will help you get to grips with the SunSystems Cloud quickly and effectively:

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