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Automation for SunSystems, powered by Sysynkt

Sysynkt is a built-for-the-cloud automation platform for SunSystems.

Using innovative technology, Sysynkt reduces the time it takes to accurately process transactions into SunSystems, making your finance function more efficient and productive. Sysynkt frees up time and releases resources for more valuable activities.

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Supercharge your financial processes

Using AI and other algorithmic techniques, Sysynkt handles some of the most labour-intensive financial processes.



Fast-paced decision making

Artificial Intelligence (AI), coupled with automation, has become integral to modern Financial Management (FMS) Software.

Sysynkt uses both AI and automation enabling the Finance function to lead the business in making fast-paced decisions – a requirement in today’s competitive market.

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Automate your SunSystems processes

Sysynkt automates invoice capture and approval, sales invoicing, expenses, currency rate management with a powerful workflow engine and APIs to link out to other applications.

Sysynkt is a secure and FCA approved cloud platform with live bank connections that enable you to seamlessly manage bank payments and automate reconciliations, saving you hundreds of man hours a year.

More details on each of the modules Sysynkt offers can be found on the following pages:

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Real-time SunSystems integration

Sysynkt exchanges information with SunSystems seamlessly and in real-time.

Whether your SunSystems implementation is hosted on your own servers, through a third party or you’re using SunSystems Cloud postings are made instantly to SunSystems, and the journal number is returned.

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Transaction-based Platform

Sysynkt is a transaction-based automation platform therefore anyone in your organisation can raise a purchase request, upload an expense receipt, authorise a PO or invoice or issue a payment instruction.

In addition, there are no expensive licences to buy, instead, you pay a monthly subscription based on the number of transactions that will be going through Sysynkt monthly.

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Not sure whether Sysynkt is right for you? Do you need to discuss your specific requirements? We would be more than happy to discuss what you need from a SunSystems automation tool and how Sysynkt could work for and benefit your company.

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