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SunSystems Upgrade Services

SunSystems is a long-established financial management solution with many thousands of users worldwide.

But when it comes to a SunSystems upgrade, it can be difficult to know which version best suits your organisation.

SunSystems Upgrade

On this page we cover several different scenarios to help you decipher which version of Infor SunSystems best suits your organisation’s requirements.

SunSystems Versions

There are three versions of SunSystems in use today.

  • Version 4 – only updated by Infor for security and Windows/Database/OS reasons.
  • Version 5 – V5 was released in 2000 as a major technical upgrade for Windows and MS SQL. It is no longer available.
  • Version 6 – released in 2010 with major functional and technical enhancements, V6 has undergone major updates.

V5, V6.1 and V6.2 are no longer supported so our strong advice is to upgrade to V6.4.

V4 continues to be supported from a technical perspective, but no new functionality will be added, for that you must upgrade to V6.4.


Deployment models

Once you’ve decided which version of Infor SunSystems best suits your organisation, the next step is to choose which deployment model is best for your SunSystems upgrade.

There are three deployment models available to you depending on your in-house IT strategy and resources, these are:

Self-Hosted (Classic)

Often referred to as the ‘Classic’ deployment model. This is the latest version of SunSystems V6.4 plus any add-on modules which are installed and deployed on your in-house hardware. This model is popular with organisations who have the IT skills, capacity, or security protocols to self-host software.

The SunSystems upgrade is provided as part of your support and maintenance agreement, however the implementation service to perform the SunSystems upgrade is usually provided by SunSystems partners like Touchstone.


Third Party Hosted (Classic +)

This model enables you to access your systems over the internet using a VPN.

The third-party model reduces expensive IT infrastructure costs as this is outsourced to a specialist Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, such as TouchstoneCloud.

TouchstoneCloud is a centralised platform that is hosted and managed by Touchstone to give organisations access to SunSystems software, including upgrades, for an annual subscription.

Find out more about TouchstoneCloud

Third party

SunSystems Cloud – SaaS (Software as a Service)

SunSystems Cloud is the latest deployment model and offers SunSystems Software as a Service (SaaS).

With SunSystems Cloud, you will rent the software, including the infrastructure it runs on, with basic support and continuous updates as part of the service.

This differs to the Classic and third-party model, as you do not purchase the software licence or pay an annual fee for support and maintenance.


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