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SunSystems Support Services

From a range of SunSystems support services to packaged consultancy, we help you maximise your return on investment, with an excellent after sales support service. 

On hand to deliver expert guidance and support, our Helpdesk team is ready to offer guidance through telephone and remote support when you need it. More than just fault resolution, for Touchstone, support services are about helping you get the most out of your software. Whether you are faced with an error on your screen or you are exploring a new function or feature, our dedicated Helpdesk team is committed to helping and deriving maximum value from SunSystems software. 

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A Helpdesk that Helps

Staffed by experts in SunSystems, our Helpdesk team provides you with the peace of mind that if you experience any issues with your software, help is there when you need it. 

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Skilled and experienced experts

Not only are our Helpdesk team experts in the software and technology we implement, but they also bring valuable first-hand end-user industry experience to the table. 

Dedicated to making a career out of helping clients, they possess both the professional and technical qualifications necessary for client assistance alongside the wealth of experience in terms of breadth, depth, and longevity. This experience positions them to conduct a comprehensive business SunSystems audit to ensure that our clients maximise the benefits of our software and business systems. 

Breadth and depth

A comprehensive service

Experience a thorough service with the choice of Essential or Premium SunSystems Support Plans. Whether you just want to report a fault or have a question about the software, you will have the backing of a team of technical and application experts at your disposal. 

For those opting for the Premium Support Plan, our team will tailor the SunSystems support packages to align with the unique requirements of your business. Operating under a transparent Service Level Agreement (SLA) we commit to monitoring our performance under this agreement. This approach guarantees our clients peace of mind that we will do what we say we are going to do, when we say we will do it – reinforcing our commitment to delivering a high level of support.  

Premium Support

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Do you need to discuss your specific financial management requirements? Want to know what service options are available to you? The TouchstoneFMS support team are ready and willing to talk through your needs and discuss how we can assist your company in achieving its goals. 

Simply fill out this form, and one of our expert advisors will promptly reach out. 

On-demand service

Whether it is training on a new piece of software, or onboarding a new member of staff, our on-demand SunSystems support service ensures that our clients maximise the value from their SunSystems implementation.  

Offering sessions on a variety of topics, our highly skilled and experienced Helpdesk Consultants are on hand whether you need a refresher course on how to use your system or training on a new update. This flexibility means you can leverage our expertise whenever it is required, ensuring you are continuously gaining knowledge and proficiency on your SunSystems software.  

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On demand service

Consultancy Services

Benefit from the wealth of experience our expert consultants have accumulated over the years. With ad-hoc consultancy available by the hour, our Helpdesk Consultants are on hand for when you require a small piece of work to be carried out, or a minor adjustment to your system.  

Their expertise ensures that our clients’ financial management system not only meets, but exceeds, expectations, maximising their return on investment and delivering substantial benefits to your organisation.  

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Trust TouchstoneFMS to ensure that you utilise and optimise your SunSystems implementation and that it continues to align seamlessly with your organisation’s unique requirements.

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