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Enterprise Reporting

Allowing access to data across multiple enterprise systems, whether live or legacy, enterprise reporting helps you to make truly intelligent and timely business decisions.

It’s a secure “Out of the Box” solution, featuring personalised dashboards, report packs and a powerful engine and integration framework delivering simplified business intelligence that can give you a competitive advantage.

Powerful Reporting & Analysis for All Your Data

As a universal reporting tool, Sharperlight can connect to many data sources with pre-built data connectors available for some of the most popular package, including Infor SunSystems. Seen by many as an alternative to Q&A, Sharperlight offers a user friendly and intuitive query builder wizard that can be used to extract data and present it as a web-based report or within Excel.

Report your way

Presenting dynamic tables, charts, pivotal tables and presentations in a position and layout that suits your organisation using its own web service, the report designer addresses many of the limitations common in web browser rendering.

Automatically integrating the data sets end-users have constructed by accessing Query Builder in Microsoft Excel as a report data source, reports are displayed as designed.

Dynamic tables

Create your own dashboards

Using HTML5 interface in a web browser you can create and maintain dashboards in a format that suits you and your organisation.

Combining content from multiple data sources, each dashboard has a unique URL address and can have a different size, position or colour scheme and display published content from any valid web address.


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Manage data capture

Within Sharperlight, you can validate and bulk load records using its Writeback interface, interpreting and updating the input value in the data source whilst the cell is reverted to the formula.

Create budget templates with built in business rules and validation, web entry forms and, an XML output to present to any open API for updating a target business system such as Infor SunSystems or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Data capture

Automatically schedule tasks

The Scheduler component of Sharperlight is an automation interface that executes tasks, including the actions associated to each task, on a recurring or ad-hoc basis.

Send emails and notifications, RSS feeds and exceptions, create dynamic schedule and multi burst reports that optionally deliver reports based on current calculated views, and configure reports to run automatically with built-in process flow options.


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