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Cash, Bank & Tax

For 30 years Professional Advantage (PA) have developed sophisticated complementary solutions for SunSystems. Automatically synchronising with SunSystems, users can gain control of their most important asset, money.

With easy-to-use and powerful payment management and collection tools: B4B Payments & Remittances; Advanced Bank Reconciliation; Collect Credit Control and Making Tax Digital.

Banking Automation, Productivity and HMRC

Catering for today’s global banking requirements, PA’s Cash & Banking solutions support a wide variety of payment types such as CHAPS, Faster Payments, BACS, SWIFT, and SEPA, and are available in multi-currency and in a large library of banking formats that span worldwide.

B4B Payments & Remittances

B4B Bank Payments and Remittances brings international and domestic payments together. Companies large and small can set up a single, global payments operation reducing inaccuracies, time, and money.

With a multi-tier approval matrix to assist with fraud prevention, audit controls and remittances; fully encrypted data; PGP encryption’ and SFTP automatic file upload, B4B provides a secure and seamless link between Infor SunSystems and your bank.

Download B4B Datasheet

International and domestic

Advanced Bank Reconciliation

PA Advanced bank reconciliation module uses user defined matching rules to automatically match bank statements with transactions in the ledger, allowing you to reconcile your bank account(s) quickly, easily, and regularly, eliminating the need for unwieldy spreadsheets.

Maintain and control your current bank position with an audit trail report on all unmatched items so you can quickly identify, track, and resolve non-reconciled items immediately, across multiple accounts.

Download Bank Reconciliation Datasheet


Want to know if our Cash & Banking solutions are right for you?

Not sure whether our Cash & Banking solutions are right for you? Do you need to discuss your specific requirements? We would be more than happy to talk through your needs and discuss how our Cash & Banking solutions might be right for your company.

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Collect Debtor Management

Developed specifically for Infor SunSystems, Collect Credit Control automates and streamlines your credit control by automatically sending statements and reminder letters which reduces long term overdue amounts, brings immediate cost benefits, and improves productivity.

Customisable for each user, Collect can generate a daily activity list with a record of all customer communications, export to multiple document formats and drill down to invoices and images. A comprehensive tool with a proven record to reduce your DSO.

Download the Collect Datasheet


MTD for SunSystems

Making Tax Digital is a system that has been designed specifically for Infor SunSystems users and offers real time, flexible, direct extraction of VAT related values from your ledger.

Automating the link between Infor SunSystems and HMRC users can extract data directly from Infor SunSystems into a fully auditable digital tax compatible format, rather than an Excel spreadsheet, avoiding the need to re-key data and reducing the risk of costly errors. Manage your VRN’s and view all your VAT obligations past and present from within this one module.

Download the MTD Datasheet

Managing tax

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