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Sysynkt Banking for SunSystems

Streamline and automate your payments and reconciliation processes with Sysynkt Banking for SunSystems®.

Using Open Banking* standards Sysynkt can link to over 2000 banks and payment bodies allowing you to make payments quickly and securely, without moving files around. Using the same Open Banking link, bank statement transactions can be downloaded directly from your bank account into Sysynkt for auto-reconciliation against SunSystems.

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"Open Banking enables consumers and businesses to share their transaction data securely with trusted third parties, who can provide customers with applications and services which save them time and money."

Competitions & Markets Authority, January 2023

A revolutionary banking & payment automation tool for SunSystems

Sysynkt Banking allows you to manage your payments, receipts, and reconciliation processes in near real-time. Using Open Banking*, automatic bank feeds can update SunSystems as transactions hit your bank account.

Sysynkt Banking receives financial transactions which it can code, route them for authorisation, and generate a journal in SunSystems.

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Bank payments from SunSystems made easy

Sysynkt Banking is the only true cloud application for SunSystems to make payments via Open Banking*.

Use of this payment automation tool means no more insecure file transfers, troublesome authentication issues, or unwieldy, costly individual bank formats to buy for each bank brand – just simple, user-friendly, dynamic, payment workflows with full integration with SunSystems.

Download the Bank Payments for SunSystems Datasheet

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Dynamic bank reconciliations

Using the Open Banking* API to link your bank, credit card company or other financial institution, Sysynkt can receive real-time transaction feeds.

Sysynkt Banking for SunSystems then automatically matches these transactions to your SunSystems bank account. It can post the allocation, identify differences, and suggest or auto-code them for you. Lastly, it can route them via user-defined workflows for authorisation, and create the journal in SunSystems.

Download the Bank Reconciliation for SunSystems Datasheet

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*Requires a PSD2 (for EU banks)/Open Banking (for UK banks) regulated bank account with ‘Account Information Service – or AIS’ for account & transaction feeds and ‘Payment Initiation Service – or PIS’ for payment initiations with desired payment types (scopes). Contact us to check your financial institution. 

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