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Sysynkt Expenses for SunSystems

Sysynkt Expenses for SunSystems gives you a built-for-the-cloud and easy-to-use expense management tool which can be used by your entire organisation.

Using innovative technology and AI assistance, it can read receipts regardless of source, and automatically create an expense claim to be routed via its powerful workflow engine for approval, matching and posting to SunSystems.

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Sysynkt combines cloud, innovative technology, and ease of use to give a consumer grade user experience integrated to SunSystems.

Fully functional via a web browser using a PC, tablet, and mobile phone on Android & iOS devices.

Sysynkt Expenses for SunSystems Helps Cash Control

Sysynkt Expenses can help you control your cash position, ensure compliance with your company expense policy, eliminate duplications, and assist in fraud prevention. You have full visibility of expense claims as they come into the system, are routed for approval, posted into SunSystems, and finally paid.

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Sysynkt Expenses for SunSystems Automates and Improves the Expenses Process

Sysynkt Expenses for SunSystems can automate your entire expense claim process – everything from paying for a sandwich while on the road to making a major purchase on a company credit card. There is no limit to the number and type of financial transactions you can process. In addition, the tool remembers what you did with similar transactions previously, and it can suggest coding and auto-match expenses to credit or purchasing cards and purchase orders – learning so that as time goes on, the matching accuracy increases and the process improves.

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