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SunSystems Audit

SunSystems Audit is the business systems review that helps organisations harness the full potential of Infor SunSystems® as a business enabler.

For businesses today to gain a competitive advantage their business systems need to have inter-operability and connectivity to take advantage of all that their software can offer them.

Optimising SunSystems for your business

With your SunSystems at the heart of your connected business systems, your organisation can work at an optimum level, if the software has been configured correctly and is aligned to your business processes.

How it works

Using a four-stage process we take the time to talk to your employees, finding out about their skillsets and knowledge, which tasks are being done and why, why tasks are completed in a particular way and what a ‘good’ business system looks like to them.

Working closely with your organisation, we agree critical success factors and identify what will best help you to address each of these factors including process improvements, changes within Infor SunSystems itself and upskilling for staff.

Four stage process

Do I need to review my SunSystems?

Organisations decide to undertake a review for a variety of reasons including that their organisation has evolved but their systems have not or that the implemented systems are causing operational problems which is holding the organisation back.

Another reason could be that you want to make the most of what you have as this is the more cost-effective option or you simply want to have an evaluation of your business processes to ensure that the way you think your organisation works is in fact how your organisation is working.

SunSystems review

Want to find out more about our SunSystems Audit?

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What are the benefits?

Smarter processes connecting the organisation, effective data and faster reporting cycles and tighter control mechanisms and greater visibility allow more robust and rapid decisions, keeps all areas of the business on track and increases efficiency.

Integrated business systems create more manageable workloads and lower stress levels as accurate data ends manual workarounds and duplication as well as easier compliance and fewer questions from auditors.

Smarter processes

Why Touchstone?

We ensure our clients are utilising their business systems in the best, most efficient way possible.

As an Infor Gold Channel Partner, we have years of experience of working with organisations to optimise the way they work, and the way their systems work for them.

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Case study – Breedon Group

We built a long-term strategic partnership with the Breedon Group by conducting a strategic system review and mapping out a plan that delivered, short-, medium- and long-term benefits to their business.

Read the full story to find out how we built a trusted working relationship with the Breedon Group by initially conducting an insight review of their finance system.

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