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Sysynkt Purchasing for SunSystems

The most innovative and exciting Purchasing platform for SunSystems® on the market.

A purchase management system such as Sysynkt Purchasing for SunSystems gives your organisation full control and complete visibility over the purchasing processes. From onboarding and managing suppliers through a self-service portal, to a full purchase-to-pay cycle (P2P). This purchase management system also offers purchase invoice automation with 3-way matching, workflow and approvals, document storage and seamless integration with SunSystems Classic (self-hosted) and SunSystems Cloud.

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A built for the cloud application platform to extend the capabilities of SunSystems.

Sysynkt’s use of AI automation technology, its sophisticated drag-and-drop workflow tool, powerful APIs, and its intuitive user interface mean that Sysynkt Purchasing for SunSystems puts all of the tools you need for end-to-end management of your entire purchasing processes at your disposal, and at an affordable cost.

Supplier Management in SunSystems just got easier

With Sysynkt Supplier Management for SunSystems, you can manage the onboarding of your suppliers by getting them to complete the mandatory information which Sysynkt can validate against sources such as Companies House and credit reference agencies, saving you time and money as well as mitigating the risk of fraud.

Your suppliers can manage their own accounts with the ability to see which purchase orders you have sent, which of their invoices have been paid (and when) as well as upload new invoices which automatically appear in Sysynkt for onward processing, and then on to SunSystems for payment.

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P2P & Document Recognition for SunSystems

Sysynkt Purchasing for SunSystems allows you to configure the purchasing cycle to suit your organisation. Whether you want a full-blown purchase-to-pay cycle which includes purchase requisitions, routing and authorisations, purchase orders, goods matching and invoice matching or simply automation of purchase invoices, Sysynkt takes care of it all.

In addition, using powerful automation and AI technology Sysynkt can ingest your purchase invoices in whatever format they are received, automatically code and generate transactions from them for approval and posting to SunSystems as ready to pay. All documents are stored and available to be viewed from within Sysynkt and SunSystems.

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AP Automation for SunSystems

If you don’t require P2P and all you wish to do is automate the AP process, then Sysynkt Purchasing does that beautifully. It is the most innovative AP Automation solution for SunSystems on the market today, using AI technology to manage purchase invoices and automate this labour-intensive process.

Sysynkt has the tools to understand your purchase invoices, automatically generate transactions from them and route them around your organisation for authorisation, and eventual upload to SunSystems as ready for payment.

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