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TouchstoneFMS has a clear focus on Infor SunSystems, however they aren’t the only provider that we partner with – indeed, we work with a number of leading global software providers to ensure that our clients get the most out of their financial management software investment. Read below to find out about each of the TouchstoneFMS partners.




Infor is a global leader in business cloud software products, with over 65,000 organisations worldwide relying on Infor to help them overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.

We have a long-standing partnership with Infor, and have been rewarded on several occasions for our dedication and focus on Infor SunSystems, and ensuring that the financial management software is configured and aligned to our client’s business processes.

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Sysynkt, a cutting-edge Financial Automation Platform, is revolutionising financial processes with its synergy with Infor SunSystems. Features include an accessible supplier and client portal, streamlined purchase-to-pay and AP automation powered by AI, effortless expense management, live bank connections for instant payments and reconciliations, automated sales invoicing, exchange rate automation, making tax digital, and a user-friendly drag-and-drop workflow system. 

In collaboration with Sysynkt, we offer a synergistic solution, combining the robust functionalities of SunSystems and Sysynkt to cover an extensive range of financial processes. We believe that Sysynkt supercharges SunSystems, fostering an unparalleled boost in productivity.

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Professional Advantage

With a global reach, Professional Advantage have been delivering successful technology and solutions to clients for over 30 years.

We partner with Professional Advantage to support our clients with their banking business objectives, using proven technologies that complement Infor SunSystems, drive efficiency, solve problems and fuel growth.

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Sharperlight is a self-service enterprise reporting suite that empowers end-users by providing web reporting, dashboarding and seamless integration into Microsoft Excel.

Allowing users access to their data across multiple enterprise systems, we work with Sharperlight to help our clients make truly intelligent and timely business decisions ahead of the competition.

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systems@work is the leading European provider of Expense Management, Time Recording, PSA & Workflow systems, with clients ranging from small 10-user start-ups to international conglomerates with thousands of employees.

With the ability to be fully integrated with Infor SunSystems, systems@work offers a suite of applications that are designed to automate professional services in complex, distributed multi-currency and/or multilingual environments.

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