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Sysynkt Currency Rate Automation for SunSystems

Sysynkt Currency Rate Automation for SunSystems simplifies and automates the process of getting exchange rates into SunSystems® without the need to export and import files, and so it also reduces the risk of errors.

With existing plug-ins to XE, OANDA and Bloomberg, using the OpenAPI 2.0 integration tools means accepting the feed from an exchange rate service can now populate all Business Units in SunSystems without manual intervention – even before staff start work for the day.

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A built for the cloud application platform to extend the capabilities of SunSystems.

Sysynkt’s use of automation technology, its sophisticated drag-and-drop workflow tool, powerful API’s and its intuitive user interface mean the tools to manage your Currency Rate for SunSystems are now at your disposal at an affordable cost.

Eliminate Manual Processes

If you are currently uploading exchange rates via a Q&A Data Send or through file imports, the use of solutions like these will save you the pain of downloading, re-formatting, and uploading your exchange rates Business Unit by Business Unit. Simply point it to your currency rate service provider and it will do the rest for you.

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Reduce Errors

A fully integrated feed of exchange rate feed means there can be no typos, incorrect uploads, or duplicated data, as often happens with manual uploads. Sysynkt Currency Rate Automation for SunSystems uses OPENAPI 2.0 standards for integration and links your exchange rate service directly to Infor SunSystems through SunSystems Connect, thus reducing the risk of errors.

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Increase Productivity

Sysynkt Currency Rate Automation for SunSystems removes repetitive tasks from your staff’s daily to-do list and frees them up to do more productive and rewarding work. Time is money, and so by automating this key business process, you will be saving costs.

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