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Data Management & Empowerment

Seamlessly link multiple data sources in a single reporting view using Touchstone Data Studio.

Pulling data from data sources such as SunSystems, Proactis, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other operational systems into a series of multi-dimensional cubes, Touchstone Data Studio joins financial, client, project, and consumption data into a single reporting view

Touchstone Data Studio (TDS) for SunSystems

Is an easy to implement and easy to use data warehouse application where data from multiple sources, including SunSystems can be harmonised and stored. TDS allows you to gain a holistic picture of your business by bringing together data into one repository which can be reported upon using standard tools such as Excel, Sharperlight & Microsoft Power BI. Using powerful cube and analytics technology, reports and queries can be run in near real-time.

Comprehensive view of your organisation 

Extracting, transforming, and loading data from Infor SunSystems and other operational systems creates a data warehouse that forms a basis for business analytics and optimises reporting.

By integrating operational systems, including non-financial and non-numerical, Touchstone Data Studio unlocks a wealth of information to give you a comprehensive view of your organisation.

Comprehensive view

Cost-effective business intelligence

Reducing the time it takes to implement a BI solution by as much as 80%, Touchstone Data Studio is a cost-effective and simple way to build, maintain and support insightful business intelligence.

Adapting immediately as and when your organisation needs to adapt its BI solution, Touchstone Data Studio dramatically lowers the complexity and cost of designing and implementing a business intelligence software.

Organisations needs to adapt

Want to know if Touchstone Data Studio is right for you?

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True business insight

Simple to install, easy to use and quick to change, Touchstone Data Studio guides you through data validation, transformation and OLAP cube creation using user friendly “point and click” and “drag and drop” functions.

Combined with a wide range of Reporting, Data Visualisation, Dashboard and BI tools, you gain a true insight into your business.

business insight

Make better informed decisions

For organisations today it is essential to be able to present information in the right format, to the right people, at the right time to ensure you can make better informed business decisions.

Working seamlessly with your chosen BI tool, Touchstone Data Studio quickly and efficiently makes your data instantly available directly from a data warehouse or OLAP cube producing meaningful management information.

Make informed decisions

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Case study – Crown Agents Bank

We helped reduce time to input and errors in producing corporate accounts.

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