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Who TouchstoneFMS Work With

We have been working with SunSystems for over 30 years across several key market sectors where SunSystems is a natural fit, and with a diverse community of users who we are proud to serve.


Below you’ll find more in depth information on who TouchstoneFMS work with, and how we can help, but we welcome working with any organisation or person that is as passionate about financial management as we are. Contact us today for more details on how we can help you.

Who TouchstoneFMS Work With

SunSystems People & Communities

Helping new and existing users to learn everything there needs to know about SunSystems, ensuring you can get the most out of the financial management system.

Fans of SunSystems

For over 30 years SunSystems has been one of the most prolific, well respected, and much-loved financial management solutions in the UK and internationally. Many finance professionals have built their entire careers around SunSystems as users, managers, administrators, and implementers of the solution. We actively seek to find and work with these loyal fans of SunSystems to offer them the best advice, counsel and support on all versions of SunSystems.

SunSystems Independent Consultants

Selection Specialists

Whether it’s one of the big six or a one-person operation we can help you if your job is to identify potential FMS / Financial ERP solutions for your client(s). We have a team of specialists that can answer your questions ahead of a PQQ or RFP process or give you an early insight into what SunSystems can offer. We can then engage with you as a respondent to your RFP / ITT by putting forward a high-quality response followed by a presentation(s), putting forward references and flexible contract negotiations, should we be awarded your business.

SunSystems selection specialist

Independent Consultants (IC)

Many “fans of SunSystems” have taken the ultimate step and built a business around SunSystems, offering their skills and expertise as independent advisors and implementers of SunSystems. We have worked with many such individuals over the years and continue to do so. If you’re an IC and would like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you.

SunSystems market - Independent consultants

Who TouchstoneFMS Work With

Market Focus

We have decades of experience implementing and supporting SunSystems for businesses in several key markets across Europe including:

Financial Services

The largest market sector for SunSystems, born in North London at a time when the FS sector needed financial management software that was highly flexible, multi-currency, multi-entity, quick to implement and could report against stringent standards, SunSystems was well positioned. We have worked for decades in and around The City of London and with global financial institutions to deliver high-quality projects, our clients include, The Corporation of Lloyds, BA Pension Fund, Bank of England, Artex Insurance and Aviva, to name a few.

Learn more about SunSystems Cloud for Financial Services

SunSystems market Financial Services


SunSystems is a proven solution within the hospitality sector, with its requirements around the chart of accounts (USALI) and global hospitality accounting common practices (GHACP), SunSystems with its international capabilities in terms of language, configuration and integration options is particularly well suited. We have worked with many organisations small and large, including, LW Theatres, Welcome Break and The Really Useful Group.

SunSystems market - hospitality sector

Not for Profit

Traditionally a strong sector for SunSystems because of the flexibility in the chart of accounts, configurable analysis, international and reporting capabilities. Whether you are a domestic charity, a NGO or an international aid organisation SunSystems offers a robust solution that can be used locally and globally. Our clients in this sector include Christian Aid, The Prince’s Trust, NSPCC, Scope and VSO.

SunSystems market - Not for Profit

Professional Services

For any organisation where your stock in trade is your people and selling their time is what you do, then SunSystems coupled with our PSA solution time@work / expense@work is an ideal and affordable solution. Time and expenses can be captured, stored and billed from WIP, using flexible rules with the accounting being taken care of by SunSystems. Our clients include The Chartered Insurance Institute, Wilmington Plc and RCL Partners LLP.

SunSystems market - Professional services

Energy (Oil, Gas & Renewables)

We have a dedicated business unit which specialises is this sector, with SunSystems at the financial heart. Our clients include BP Lightsource, Premier Oil, Infinis Energy, Addax Petroleum and Severn Energy Group. For more information visit Touchstone Energy.

SunSystems market - Energy

Office of the CFO

An umbrella for any business where the requirement is to have robust financial processes that cover revenue (and revenue recognition), procurement (discretionary AP spend), cash management, employee expense management, time recording, budgeting & planning, industrial strength ledgers and enterprise-wide reporting. Clients include The Ports of Jersey, Autovista Group, and Breedon Group.

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