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Infor OS: Everything You Need To Know

Infor OS (Operating Service) is a Digital Transformation platform that underpins your entire business enterprise. The platform ensures that your systems work seamlessly together, delivering automated intuitive insights with the flexibility to support changing business needs and corporate governance requirements.

Infor OS is designed to maximise the potential of both your technology and your people, providing a consumer-grade user experience that makes your systems intelligent, intuitive, and exponentially more valuable.

A Digital Transformation Platform for Finance

Infor OS brings your systems to life – automatically pushing relevant information to you, when and where you need it. Users can be alerted when potential problems arise and effortlessly move in and out of different business applications, Infor OS enables real-time and in-context collaboration with colleagues, helping your team to resolve issues by subscribing to different topics or conversations.

Connecting Everything

Simplicity and efficiency are the driving forces behind Infor OS. Its architecture is inspired by the internet, which is the most scalable and integrated application ever designed. Designed to cater for all deployment options – cloud, on-premise or hybrid – this highly effective platform connects it all.

Connects it all

Enabling Collaboration

Infor OS is your intelligent portal to your applications. It lets you share key screens, data, and documents, and contextualise intelligence easily. It also makes single sign-on a reality, improving efficiency by enabling employees to work smarter and faster.

Infor OS enables employee collaboration

Want to know if Infor OS is right for you?

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Enterprise Capabilities

Whether you need an intuitive consumer-grade web interface or a high-productivity form, Infor OS can help create the right experience with minimal coding via desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Enterprise Capabilities

ION (Intelligent Open Network) Integration

Providing a simple yet powerful & scalable framework, Infor OS allows you to easily integrate both Infor and 3rd party software applications, eliminate operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency.

ION (Intelligent Open Network) Integration

Case Study: Ports of Jersey

Ports of Jersey, a key transportation service for the largest of the Channel Islands, explains how Infor SunSystems is improving their efficiency and allowing them to do business in a more effective, streamlined manner as part of their wider Digital Transformation project.

Document Management

IDM (Infor Document Management) serves as a central repository for all your business documents. Any document (e.g. contracts, PO’s, invoices, statements, etc.) can be stored within the IDM database, and linked to a master record or transaction within any Infor application – such as SunSystems, EAM or EPM.

Data storage central repository

Data Driven

Easy access to real-time data from across your systems becomes a reality with Infor OS Data Lake. Fast, reliable, and refreshable at the touch of a button, your data is visualised in real-time, giving users at all levels the information they need to make better decisions faster.

Data driven

Business Intelligence

Infor OS leverages the power of Infor’s BI tools (such as EPM and BIRST) to draw on data from across your enterprise and present it to users in intuitive form, making pivotal information easily accessible and actionable for all your users.

Business Intelligence
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