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Purchasing & AP Automation

Improve control, reduce costs, and achieve greater visibility over your purchasing activities with our robust spending control and management solutions.

Whether you’re looking to implement a simple purchase ordering system or a full-blown Purchase-to-Pay solution with sophisticated functionality such as supplier onboarding, punchouts, contract management and automated invoice matching there is a choice of solutions for Infor SunSystems® users.

Purchase to Pay for SunSystems

From purchase order entry, PO confirmation, email purchase orders, goods receiving, AP invoice entry, and invoice matching; flexible purchase cycles, extensive user-defined analysis fields, and numerous user-defined value calculations, you can streamline your entire purchasing process.

SunSystems Purchasing Module

The SunSystems purchasing module provides users with components for purchase invoicing, purchase management, and budget and commitment control – as well as options for advanced pricing and product profiles that deliver profiling specifically for suppliers.

With an automatic multi-level approval workflow, users can raise requisitions directly from within SunSystems to generate purchase orders which can be emailed to suppliers directly.

Purchasing Overview

Proactis Purchase-to-Pay for SunSystems

Using our 20 years of experience using Proactis and SunSystems, we have integrated the two market-leading systems to create one Purchase-to-Pay solution.

Built specifically for non-finance users, Proactis offers a consumer grade buying experience with intuitive screens and functions whilst SunSystems takes care of the accounting – ensuring your procurement process is efficient and that you are getting the best value from your suppliers.

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Proactis AP Automation for SunSystems

Paper and PDF invoices are manually intensive and error-prone with extensive manual rekeying, as well as misplaced paper documents – leading to non-conforming invoices, excess costs, inaccurate payments, and the risk of fraud.

Proactis AP Automation captures and converts paper and PDF invoices into eInvoices which are automatically validated for accuracy by checking for a PO, duplicates, and the supplier. The transaction is then coded and approved through a pre-defined process before it is transferred into SunSystems for payment.

Infor OS digital transformation

Want to know if Proactis Purchase-to-Pay is right for you?

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We helped the West Yorkshire Police deploy Infor SunSystems.

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