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SunSystems Cloud: What’s not to like?


It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here. Last month Infor launched SunSystems Cloud and we were privileged to give it its first public outing at TouchstoneLIVE.



Cloud deployment of business software has been steadily increasing over the last decade as enterprises recognise the benefits of moving away from self-hosted solutions, with enterprise spend on cloud infrastructure and services growing rapidly reaching $130 billion in 2020. 

In October 2022 Infor released SunSystems Cloud, enabling organisations wishing to procure SunSystems as a SaaS solution at a competitive price and in doing so reduce their dependency on internal infrastructure and associated costs.

Multi-tenant cloud environment

SunSystems Cloud is now available as a multi-tenant cloud version which means Infor can offer SunSystems at scale enabling thousands of users to use the application at once running on shared infrastructure in the Infor Cloud, powered by AWS. 

By using a shared platform, you are also sharing the cost whilst benefitting from the use of standardised processes, maintenance, and security without compromising upgrades by using extensibility and platform tools rather than code modifications.

SunSystems Cloud Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of moving to SunSystems Cloud is access to Infor OS (Operating Service), a digital transformation platform that can underpin your entire business enterprise ensuring that systems work seamlessly together. Designed to maximise the potential of both your technology and people, Infor OS delivers automated, built-in insights with the flexibility to support changing business needs and corporate governance requirements. It also provides a consumer grade user experience that makes your systems intelligent, intuitive and exponentially more valuable. 

Infor OS also offers users sophisticated functionality such as Infor Document Management (centralised storage of business documents), Infor ION (3rd party systems with Infor business software integration), Infor Workflow (intelligent process automation), Infor Ming.le (communication platform) and Infor Data Lake (data management).

With other tangible benefits including saving on hardware, low IT skills required, regular software updates and backups, state of the art security and access from anywhere; SunSystems Cloud provides enterprises with an agile, scalable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure that supports their business processes.

Who benefits from Multi-Tenant SunSystems Cloud?

If you’re new to Infor SunSystems and looking for a powerful financial management system with a rich heritage available as a true SaaS platform, then SunSystems Cloud should be on your shortlist.

SunSystems 6 users can benefit by moving their configuration and data into SunSystems Cloud whilst reducing IT overheads with automatic backups and security, downtime and business disruption, and costs to maintain the solution.

Organisations using SunSystems 4 or 5 who have held off upgrading as it means investing in new infrastructure no longer have to be concerned as that is taken care of with SunSystems Cloud.

The difference between SunSystems self-hosted and SunSystems Cloud

Still not sure on SunSystems Cloud? Below is a quick side-by-side of the comparison between using SunSystems self-hosted and SunSystems Cloud.

Self-hosted SunSystems Cloud
Routine maintenance and back-ups You are responsible Infor is responsible
Full redundancy and disaster recovery You need to duplicate all hardware, software, and testing in case of disaster Standard feature of SunSystems Cloud. Redundancy baked in
Security You are responsible and in today’s threat laden world this is expensive Infor is responsible, it uses state of the art security most business couldn’t afford
Updating features and functionality You are responsible for patching and updating your system Infor is responsible and provides monthly updates
Scaling for fluctuations of high traffic and peak load processing You need to pay upfront and scale up to the max whether you use it or not Power is added as it is required automatically


To learn more about SunSystems Cloud, visit www.sunsystemscloud.co.uk or book a call with one of our SunSystems Cloud experts by emailing info@touchstonefms.co.uk or calling 0207 121 4702

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