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SunSystems® Cloud for Financial Services

Financial Services (FS) is one of the strongest market sectors for SunSystems in which it has an enviable reputation and proven track record. With its rich functionality, SunSystems has been the software of choice for many financial institutions looking for an alternative to big expensive ERP platforms. Offering power and flexibility, SunSystems is quick to implement, easy to support and can integrate with corporate systems and so remains a significant player in the FS sector.

Last year, Infor introduced SunSystems Cloud. Underpinned by Infor OS – Infor’s digital transformation platform – SunSystems Cloud is the SaaS version of SunSystems. SunSystems Cloud delivers powerful financial ERP with all the flexibility and reliability of “classic” SunSystems but with added scalability, functionality, and security at a very competitive price point.


Improve collaboration and streamline processes

Whether you’re a boutique financial services firm or an international organisation, SunSystems Cloud can work for you. SunSystems Cloud is a powerful financial ERP capable of supporting global enterprise growth and change, improving collaboration amongst your finance teams, streamlining business processes, and has advanced tools to integrate with specialist lines of business applications – giving you a true financial hub.

Connect teams and applications for better business decisions

In the Financial Services world, the reality is that there is not one system that can handle all of your business processes and operations. Therefore multiple systems with their own data siloes are the norm making real-time (or near real-time) reporting and decision-making difficult.

With SunSystems Cloud, data can be centralised in the Infor Datalake or pushed into your own chosen data warehouse platform. With all of your data in one repository, the evaluation of growth strategies; service line metrics; and connected objectives all become possible – leading to better, and more informed, decision-making.

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Maximise operational efficiencies

When financial, workplace and operational processes are interconnected but processed in different systems, a lack of agility and productivity, and restricted visibility into cash positions with intraday liquidity and payments can result. This leads to unplanned spending and an increase in costs.

SunSystems Cloud can accelerate productivity with its mobile-first design, open-source compatibility, and robust integration. Customisable to specific user requirements, so only the information pertinent to each user and department is visible to them, we work with you to design and configure SunSystems Cloud to meet the needs of your entire business now, and in the future.

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Want to know if SunSystems Cloud is right for you?

Not sure whether SunSystems Cloud is right for you? Do you need to discuss your specific requirements? We would be more than happy to talk through your needs and discuss how SunSystems Cloud might be right for your company.

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Improve security and compliance

Over the past few years, security breaches because of malware and ransomware attacks on legacy financial management platforms have heightened concerns around data safety and compliance. IT departments are being stretched to the limit to maintain security and with increasing industry regulations on compliance and audibility, business reputations are at stake. Then there is the issue of business continuity. Whilst larger businesses can afford redundant systems, most smaller ones cannot, and the cost of reinstating systems that have been bought down by a malicious event can run into tens of thousands of pounds and seriously jeopardise your business.

By implementing SunSystems Cloud, these concerns are negated, and the risk of business disruption is significantly mitigated. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Infor Cloud is designed to meet ongoing industry security regulations including NIST, ITAR and CMMC making it super secure, with layers of security and technologies that would be outside the realm of most businesses.

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SaaS equals a lower cost of ownership

When you own software not only do you pay for the upfront licence fee and the ongoing maintenance charge, but you also pay for the hardware, the energy to run the hardware, the security regime, the operating system, the database, and for your IT team to maintain it all.

With SunSystems Cloud, all costs, including IT and infrastructure, are incorporated as part of your subscription for the software. This reduces the burden of managing your on-premises environment, increases security, and reduces operational costs. In addition, as your application software is always up to date you no longer need to worry about the cost of undergoing expensive, disruptive upgrades.

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