Infor Q & A

Infor Q&A | A powerful reporting solution for Infor SunSystems

Analyse your data quickly and efficiently

Infor Q&A (Query & Analysis - formerly known as Vision) enables users to access data (based on permissions) from across the entire suite quickly and easily using Microsoft Excel. The software is intuitive and easy to use, within just a couple of hours, Q&A users can start to build highly flexible, powerful and great looking reports. Enabling manipulation, analysis and presentation formatting using these familiar desktop applications, Infor Q&A lets users quickly and efficiently create reports that highlight trends, patterns and exceptions.

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Using an Excel add-in the SunSystems database can be dynamically linked to Excel so that data can be linked to individual cells, rows and columns in a spreadsheet. An easy to use and intuitive wizard guides users in the creation of the data links and within minutes they can build reports that are live and give you an up to date picture of the business.

As well as using this tool to extract data and build reports, data can also be prepared in Excel, for example expense journals, a management recharge, budgets or forecasts and these can be sent to the SunSystems database for on-line validation and posting, thus saving you time and effort in posting.

Q&A Executive

This powerful desktop reporting and analytical tool gives users the ability to build and run powerful queries that interrogate the underlying Infor SunSystems databases, presenting these graphically with the ability to drill down into the details and ultimately the source transactions.

This is the perfect tool for executives and managers who aren’t daily users of the system but still want access to a detailed and multi-dimensional view of the data with the ability to "slice and dice" it however they wish.

Q&A Alert

The Alert engine allows users to add automation to the work they have done in Q&A. At its most basic, reports can be scheduled to run at a given time and the output, whether it is Excel or PDF can be emailed to nominated users. Using some of the advanced functionality, reports can be created and sent to users if certain conditions are met or not met, for example a report of “top 10 debtors” can be produced and only sent to the Financial Controller if the sum total of the 60 day aged debt is greater than £200,000.

Q&A Budget Manager

This tool is designed to help users manage the budgeting process and give you version control. Most organisations use Excel as the tool to develop, manage, authorise and store budgets and forecasts. Budget Manager will help you manage the process of controlling your budget sheets, it records who has been sent a budget sheet, which version, when it was issued and when it’s due back. Once sheets are returned and approved they can be consolidated and uploaded into SunSystems.

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