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Effective Enterprise Reporting with Sharperlight

All businesses need to carry out enterprise reporting. It tracks several important metrics that provide the insights key stakeholders and senior management need to gauge company success, it can highlight current and potential issues, and in some cases it’s even a legal requirement. However, when done manually enterprise reporting can be complex and time-consuming, and so many businesses turn to a reporting service like Sharperlight.

What is Sharperlight?

Sharperlight is a cloud accounting solution that offers a comprehensive set of features for enterprise reporting. It is also a web-based application, which means that no software will need installing, and it can be accessed from anywhere. All an end-user needs is an internet connection, and an internet-capable device with a web browser making it ideal for businesses with remote employees or employees who travel frequently. Lastly, Sharperlight is also a secure application. When using the platform your data is protected by industry-leading security measures, including access controls and challenges, encryption, and firewalls.

Some of the Features Offered by Sharperlight

Customised Reporting

One of the most important advantages offered by Sharperlight is its ability to create customised reports. Businesses can create a wide variety of different reports, and even different versions of the same report, with each version designed to meet the specific needs of the people who will see it. Within the platform, reports can be filtered, sorted, and grouped, to make sure that the important information and key takeaways held within them is easily visible and understandable.

Data Visualisation

The platform’s variety of data visualisation tools can be used to further enhance these customised reports. Data visualisation tools and methods take the raw data points and present the information they hold in a more visual way, so instead of simply reading the content of a report and interpreting it themselves, the people who view a report can instead see a more ‘visual’ representation of that information, for example via a graph or pie chart. These more visual methods can help businesses to see their data in a new way, and increase the accuracy of the understanding that someone who sees a report has the information within it.

Data Capture and Management

Sharperlight boasts an array of features relating to the capture and management of data. Businesses using the platform can easily collect data from a variety of sources, and easily store it in a central location. From here, that data is also available for analysis, and can likewise be reported on via the platform’s functionalities in these areas.

The data capture and management capabilities on offer include facilities for bulk uploading too – which is handy for current data but really comes into its own as part of the platform’s suite of legacy data management tools. If you’ve got an old CRM or set of accounts data held in an old Microsoft Excel database (or similar legacy tool), you can get that data into Sharperlight and contribute to the insights the platform gives you in a short space of time, and with no hassle.


Part of the reason for this is the degree to which Sharperlight can integrate with a variety of other business systems, including an array of current and older CRM, ERP, and accounting software. This capacity for integration is vital in allowing businesses to share data across systems and/or departments, and to get a more complete view of their operations.

Task Automation

With Sharperlight, businesses can create workflows that include the automation of repetitive tasks – thereby freeing up employees to focus on more important assignments, saving time and money, and decreasing human error rates in the process.


How much does Sharperlight cost?

With support from TouchstoneEnergy, Sharperlight can be included as one of our financial management solutions so we are currently unable to give a single set price for implementation. However, no matter whether you’re a current or prospective TouchstoneFMS client, and if you’re looking for an upgrade to your current system or the implementation of a completely new one, you’re more than welcome to contact us today for a quote.

How can I get started?

The best way to get started with the platform is to put yourself in the capable hands of the TouchstoneFMS team. Sharperlight can easily be included in any of the financial management solutions that we design and implement for you, and as a touchstone client you get the added benefit of knowing that the team implementing the technology on your behalf are highly-experienced professionals.


Sharperlight is a powerful cloud-based enterprise reporting solution that your company can use for a variety of purposes – including accounting and financial management, HR, business intelligence (such as market and target audience research), and many other purposes too, not the least of which is satisfying any legal reporting requirements that your company may be subject to.

More about TouchstoneFMS

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