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What is SunSystems? Understanding the Basics of this Leading Financial Management Software

If you’re looking for a new financial management solution, we at TouchstoneFMS will not hesitate to recommend Infor SunSystems – the leading financial management software in the market today. In this article, we will introduce SunSystems accounting software, its history and development, key features and benefits, how it can be implemented and best practices. By the end of this article, you will be able to answer the question “What is SunSystems?”, and be able to make a decision on whether it is the right financial management software for your organisation.

What is SunSystems?

SunSystems is a financial management software that is designed to help organisations manage their finances more efficiently. It is a comprehensive financial management solution that provides organisations with accurate, real-time financial information that can help them make better financial decisions. SunSystems is widely used across various industries and is trusted by organisations of all sizes.

The History and Development of SunSystems

SunSystems was developed by Systems Union, which was later acquired by Infor in 2006. The software was first launched in 1984 and has since then undergone several upgrades and enhancements to become the robust financial management software it is today. The software is used by thousands of organisations worldwide, with a strong presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Key Features and Benefits of SunSystems

SunSystems offers a wide variety of features that can make financial management and analysis more effective for businesses.

SunSystems gives organisations the tools needed for real-time financial reporting so that businesses can always access their most recent financial data. These resources can aid businesses in making wiser financial choices and reacting quickly to market fluctuations.

Additionally, SunSystems has features for workflow automation that can help businesses streamline their financial procedures. By doing so, errors can be decreased and productivity can be increased, freeing up your finance experts to work on more strategic projects.

To give a complete picture of an organisation’s finances, SunSystems can be linked with other systems, such as CRM and ERP software. This can aid businesses in making wiser choices and increasing overall effectiveness.

Additionally, SunSystems supports multiple currencies, enabling businesses that conduct business internationally to manage their finances from a single, consolidated view. SunSystems also manages automated currency conversion tools and real-time exchange rate information.

Understanding the Components of SunSystems

So what is SunSystems made up of? SunSystems comprises several components (also called modules) that work together to provide a comprehensive financial management solution. The most important of these is the general ledger – which is the core component of SunSystems. This is used to record all financial transactions. It provides a real-time view of an organisation’s financial position and can be used to generate financial reports.

Other components include the accounts receivable module is used to manage an organisation’s customer invoices and payments. It can help organisations improve their cash flow and reduce outstanding debts. The accounts payable module is another component, which is used to manage an organisation’s vendor invoices and payments. It aids the process of cash flow management, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently and reduce the risk of late payments and penalties.

Finally, the fixed assets module is used to manage an organisation’s fixed assets, such as buildings and machinery. This means businesses in asset intensive industries can track the depreciation of their assets and ensure that they are being used efficiently and repaired on time.


SunSystems Implementation and Customisation

Implementing SunSystems can be a complex process, but it is essential to ensure that the software is configured to meet an organisation’s specific needs. Organisations can choose to implement SunSystems on-premise or in the cloud, depending on their requirements. There is also the option for customisation, and TouchstoneFMS can work with you to adapt and tailor the financial management software to your specific needs.

What is SunSystems Best Practice?

As with any data management system, it’s critical to operate according to best practices in order to maintain data quality. Some important SunSystems’ best practices to maintain are:

  • To guarantee that a company’s financial information is safeguarded in the event of a disaster or system breakdown, regular backups of SunSystems data are imperative.
  • To ensure that financial processes are carried out in a controlled and secure way, segregation of duties is crucial. Fraud and mistake risk can both be decreased as a result.

Carrying out SunSystems data audits on a regular basis can help find any mistakes or discrepancies and guarantee that the software is being used properly. This can assist businesses in streamlining their accounting procedures while lowering the possibility of scams and mistakes.

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SunSystems Training and Support Options

SunSystems training and support are available to help organisations get the most out of the software. The team at touchstoneFMS offers many of these services – if you’d like to learn more about SunSystems support options, click here.

Online training is available for businesses that want to learn how to use SunSystems more effectively. This training can be customised to an organisation’s specific needs.

Webinars are also available for organisations that prefer a training option with a more flexible schedule. This can be a more cost-effective option for organisations with limited budgets.

Support services are available to help organisations with any issues they may encounter while using SunSystems. These services can be accessed via phone, email, or online chat.

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Is SunSystems the Perfect Fit for Your Organization?

SunSystems is a comprehensive financial management tool that can aid businesses in more effective financial administration. It has a broad range of features and advantages, such as support for multiple currencies, real-time financial reporting, workflow automation, and system integration. To guarantee that businesses utilise SunSystems to its full potential, it is crucial to understand what is SunSystems, its core components, best practices and available training & support choices. Contact TouchstoneFMS right away if you want more details about SunSystems.

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