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In a competitive environment data can make or break a business’s competitive advantage

As data continues to flood into organisations from multiple sources the organisations that stay ahead are those that can harness that data to empower their people with insights. This enables them to make informed decisions faster.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, data empowered organisations were not only 23x more likely to acquire customers. They were also 6x more likely to retain customers, and 19x more likely to be profitable.

TimeXtender is the Data Estate Builder that will empower your organisation to stay ahead

TimeXtender is a modern data estate builder that integrates and consolidates all of your data into a central hub. This helps to ensure that your company is relying on ‘one version of the truth.’ Using automation rather than manual coding means that you will achieve a 70% reduction in build costs whilst being able to accelerate time to data insights by up to 10 times.

Put TimeXtender at the heart of your Data Empowerment Strategy

Data empowered organisations achieve huge competitive advantage.

Every organisation must now execute on a data strategy to ensure that Business leaders get fast access to reliable data.


A good data and analytics strategy starts with a clear vision.

Be lead by the business value of your data



Ensure that you invest in a team with the right data and analytics skills and provide them with the right tools to deliver.


You will have a range of information assets. The objective is to make sure that they are trustworthy and well documented


TimeXtender is a low code and agile data estate builder that will enable you to execute on your Data Empowerment Strategy

“TimeXtender has enabled me to put technology at the heart of PEI’s business, to change the way we compete and operate by providing deeper understanding and engagement with our customers.”

Tony Skeggs, Chief Technology & Information Officer

Touchstone BI will help you on your journey to data empowerment

Touchstone BI are the UK leading TimeXtender Partner.

  • Specialists in what we do!
  • Trusted in what we deliver!
  • Experienced in helping customers on their journey from data discovery to visualisation to ensure they realise real business benefit.

We’ll help define your strategy. We have the skill, experience and knowledge to help you deliver on it to become a data driven organisation transforming data into actionable insights.

Digital empowerment

“Touchstone BI are a long-established partner of TimeXtender. They have shown skill, commitment and passion for delivering great data warehouse automation solutions to their customers. We are delighted with what they have achieved with TimeXtender, their expertise is impressive and highly regarded.

Heine Krog Iversen, TimeXtender CEO & Founder

TimeXtender will accelerate your journey to Data Empowerment

Single Solution

Replaces complex layers of technologies with one simple unified solution.

Data Quality

Replaces complex layers of technologies with one simple unified solution.


You can be sure that your data will be safe, secured, governed.


No need for extensive manual coding, repetitive and time-consuming tasks.



Multi-platform, ready for AI and Machine Learning deployed on Prem, Cloud or Hybrid.


Specialist support from Touchstone BI successfully implementing  projects across a wide range of industries.

Customer Experience

“We have been very impressed by the Touchstone BI consultancy team. They were able to respond to every challenge we posed delivering the project within the tight timescale we set. It has been one of the most successful IT implementations I have been involved with – on time and on budget.”

Head of Business Insights for one of our valued customers

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