Unveiling the answers to popular Sysynkt Purchasing FAQs.

In this blog, we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Purchasing module of Sysynkt, the automation platform for SunSystems.

If you want to know how secure the Sysynkt Purchasing module is, how it recognises invoices and whether Purchase Orders can be created, you’ll find the answers to these and other questions here.


Embracing new software often leads to a myriad of questions.

Answered by Kalev Kalamäe, Founder of Sysynkt, and Penny Phillips, Customer Success Executive at Touchstone, and asked by SunSystems users at our recent event, this Sysynkt Purchasing FAQs blog answers your questions about the ground-breaking automation platform for SunSystems.

Embracing a new software often leads to a myriad of questions.

Can you link budgets into the workflow? E.g. if a project goes over budget would it notify the user, and/or trigger a different workflow?

In short, yes. The Sysynkt Procurement module can do budget checking which can be used to trigger a workflow action.

At which point are payment entries posted to Infor SunSystems from the payment run point of view?

Only once the payment has been successfully sent to the bank.

Can Sysynkt have multiple approvers based on their limits?

Absolutely, yes.

Can Sysynkt manage the supplier database beyond onboarding i.e. close old suppliers?

Yes it can.

Can users on Sysynkt who are not named users on SunSystems view or post transactions to or from Infor SunSystems?

Yes as the Sysynkt Purchasing module is tightly integrated to SunSystems and we do not restrict the number of users in Sysynkt.

Will Sysynkt create the supplier code for you based on system rules?

Yes, it will. Users will soon be able to control how these codes are structured.

How secure are bank details? Would the Sysynkt Supplier Management module eliminate the requirement to verbally verify details with Suppliers?

Yes, it does. The whole process is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Sysynkt does not hold any logons, IDs or passwords for your bank accounts. You login and are validated via your bank portal, this is just shown within the Sysynkt platform.

With regards to AP Invoices received by email, do these invoices need to be in a specific format or attachment type? Can it recognise invoices within the body of an email as well as attachments?

Invoices do not need to be in any specific format. Sysynkt is smart enough to extract and find data to process and will import the document as best it can, which you can correct manually. For attached invoice documents, Sysynkt has a very high recognition rate.

Can Purchase Orders be created in Sysynkt by other applications? 

Yes, Sysynkt can create Purchase Orders (PO) through a purchase request, once approved the PO is typically sent by email as a PDF, it can also be viewed by the supplier in the Supplier Portal. Sysynkt can also link to other systems to import POs.

How can I learn more about Automation for SunSystems? 

We have plenty of resources on Automation for SunSystems, powered by Sysynkt available on our website where you’ll find informative datasheets for each module, along with on-demand webinars on topics such as Sysynkt Purchasing & AP Automation and Sysynkt Bank Reconciliation for you to explore at your convenience.

Want a chance to see Sysynkt live in action? Watch our recent webinar for an exclusive demonstration of the Sysynkt Purchasing and Sysynkt Banking modules or sign up for our upcoming webinar: Automate and Improve your Expenses Claim Process with Sysynkt scheduled for Wednesday 28th February at 10 AM.

Alternatively, why not schedule a demonstration of Sysynkt with one of our experts and see how the Automation for SunSystems platform can benefit your business?

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Look out for the next instalment of Sysynkt FAQs where we will be answering your questions regarding the Sysynkt Banking module…

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