Software Implementation

Project Management

"Failing to plan is planning to fail” said Benjamin Franklin, writer and philosopher and it is something we feel passionately about at Touchstone. Ensuring project success requires someone on both sides to manage the resources, risk, quality, budget and the project plan; without this discipline in place the risk of project failure is almost guaranteed.

Once you’ve selected the right Financial Management and / or Business Management solution, our Project Management team will support you every step of the way. We work to tried and tested project delivery methodology based on well-established and best practice Project Management techniques developed over the past 30 years by our Programme Director, John Chapman.

John is a member of the Association for Project Management, The Institute of Directors and is an author of a number of books on Project Management. Supporting John are our team of PRINCE II qualified Project Managers as well as a fully staffed Project Management Office (PMO) which looks after the logistics and organisation of our field based consultancy team.

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Solution Architecting

Implementing a Financial Management and / or Business Management solution is no different to a “construction” project it starts off with an Architect drawing up the plans of the building to be constructed from the foundations to the roof and everything in between.

Our Solutions Architects do exactly that, they will work with you to design the entire “Solution Landscape” taking into account not just the software you have purchased from us but also any systems already in place that will require integration, the infrastructure on which the systems are to be hosted, the legacy data to be brought across, the “as is and to be” business processes and the overall business requirements. All these variables (and more) are considered and drawn up into the System Design document which will form the “blue print” against which the solution will be built, tested, snagged, trained and accepted.

Application Consultancy & Training

Our team of Application Consultants is one of the most experienced and highly qualified to be found anywhere in the industry. As an organisation that implements FMS it is imperative in our view that not only should Consultants be well versed in the software they are implementing but also have practical knowledge, better still qualifications in disciplines such as accounting, business analysis, computer science or data science. All of our Consultants hold qualifications in one or more of these subjects, add that to the many years’ of practical experience they have had in implementing systems in businesses not dissimilar to yours, then you have a team of people who will help you get the most from your investment. Our people take great pride in their work and will always go the extra mile to ensure they deliver a best in class service and exceed your expectations.

Once our Application Consultants have done their work in designing and configuring your system they are also on hand to train your staff in the efficient use of the software. They will impart both theoretical and practical knowledge, sharing real life tips, tricks and techniques with your team ensuring they know how to get the best from it. We firmly believe that the best person to train your staff on your system is the person that built it, we do not separate roles as inevitably something will get lost in the knowledge transfer from designer to trainer.

Technical Services

Our team of Technical Consultants are technology specialists, these are the people who are responsible for all technical aspects of the solution. From installing your software on your infrastructure, whether that is on premise or in a Cloud (Touchstone or 3rd Party), to installing and managing the RDBMS, implementing access routes into the system, working with your IT team to set up backup and security and if required create a complete disaster recovery environment for you.

We firmly believe in investing in all our people, particularly in areas like this where the technology is ever-changing. Not only are our Technical team qualified through years of experience, they also hold formal technical qualifications and are certified by both Infor and Microsoft.

Integration Services

As an organisation that promotes a “best of breed” approach to the solutions that we supply, implement and support it is a pre-requisite that we have the knowledge, skills and experience to join together (seamlessly) not only the software which we supply but any other software which we might need to integrate into the solution landscape in which we will be working. Again, we have a highly skilled, trained and experienced team of people whose raison d'être is to integrate disparate systems together into an overall robust solution where data flows efficiently between systems without the need to re-key or replicate it.

Like our Technical Services team our Integration Consultants are trained and certified in the latest technologies and techniques in this fast changing field where the Internet and Cloud determine how software is joined together.