Business Process Review

A packaged consultancy service from the experts dedicated to Infor SunSystems

Insight: SunSystems efficiency review

Insight is a system audit and business process review service that helps organisations harness the full potential of Infor SunSystems as a business enabler.

If you have a SunSystems platform that’s no longer delivering what you need in your organisation, it’s almost certainly not the system itself that’s the problem. It’s simply that the system needs to be adapted to catch up with business changes.

With many years SunSystems and business process improvement experience, we can bring your system back to a level where it delivers exactly what you bought it for: integrated and streamlined processes that provide a firm foundation for growth and expansion.

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Smarter processes connected across the organisation, bringing increased efficiency.

Accurate data and an end to manual workarounds and duplication.

Effective data sharing and faster reporting cycles, allowing more robust and rapid decisions.

Easier compliance and fewer questions from auditors

Tighter control mechanisms and greater visibility, keeping all areas of the business on track.

More manageable workloads; lower stress levels.

How Insight works

Insight is a four-stage process: no-obligation discovery meeting leading to a proposal, full business process review, report with costed recommendations, and practical work to carry out recommendations.

We spend time talking to staff, finding out why things are being done or not done, why people choose to do things in a particular way, and what ‘good systems’ would look like for them.

Importantly, we also explore skill levels, to assess what level of technical, system and day-to-day knowledge your team have and where improvements are needed.

Working closely with you, we’ll agree critical success factors and identify what will best help you address each of these factors. This is likely to be a combination of process improvements, changes within SunSystems, and fresh training for staff.

Why bring in Insight?

Insight is for you if you’ve had SunSystems in place for a few years, and you recognise that:

  • Your organisation has evolved but your systems haven’t.
  • The situation is causing increasing operational problems and holding the business back.
  • There’s more sense in making the most of the platform you already have than ripping it up and starting again, with all the cost and disruption that would entail.

Insight will unravel the complications and find ways to optimise both the way you work and the way your systems work for you.

Download the Insight brochure Contact our Services team