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12. 09. 19 John Chapman

Cleaning products and Business Process Reviews

Like all long lasting products, software solutions need ongoing maintenance. The Insight Business Process review service allows you to analyse your processes and ensure optimal performance.

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25. 05. 18 David Singh

Digital Transformation at the Touchstone Customer Conference

Digital Transformation in the Finance Function was the theme for the Touchstone Customer Conference 2018. Read our report of the day!

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19. 04. 18

Infor OS leads the way towards Digital Transformation

Infor OS is a unified operating service designed to ensure that all systems work together seamlessly. Register for our customer conference to learn more.

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16. 04. 18 John Chapman

The Field Service Postcard: does your email get through?

Using the concept of the field service postcard, we have the project highlight post card, together with a modern, easy to use interpretation using emoticons.

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21. 03. 18 John Chapman

Manners Maketh Man: Understanding International Etiquette

When working with or in other countries and cultures, its important to be aware of local customs and international etiquette and how these could impact your project.

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20. 03. 18 TouchstoneFMS

Touchstone FMS and BI host Masterclass on Selecting and Implementing a new solution

The masterclass was designed to educate attendees on the process of system change or transformation and the factors to consider when choosing a new FMS or BI solution.

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27. 02. 18 David Singh

Invoice Management - Five Steps to Invoicing Bliss

It may surprise you, but the data proves it: British businesses are still very poor at invoice management. This matters as it’s costing money.

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21. 02. 18 John Chapman

Provocation or factual statement - Understanding the psychology of a project environment

In a professional project environment, a pause to contemplate the motive behind the question and a little understanding of psychology could help us frame an appropriate response.

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22. 01. 18 John Chapman

Project Management - You too can become great

Read our thoughts on how you can make yourself and your project a great one, with a little help from Mark Twain.

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16. 01. 18 David Singh

Infor Operating Service (OS) – The Future has arrived…

Infor Operating Service (OS) is truly an operating service for the future, it serves as the underlying foundation for the entire enterprise, ensuring that systems work seamlessly together.

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