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05. 06. 19 John Chapman

How complexity affects project delivery

One of the questions we are usually asked in the early stages of a project, or even in the early stages of pre-sales is “How long will it take?”

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01. 10. 18 David Singh

Brexit – Financial Services and the Loss of Passporting Rights

It is now widely assumed that the UK will lose its passporting rights as a result of Brexit, meaning potentially significant barriers to trade with the EU.

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30. 09. 18 Lucy Day

Organisational Insight – Are you prepared to act on it?

Feedback. We are always encouraged to give it, but the reality in so many cases is that it’s taken, but never implemented.

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31. 07. 18 TouchstoneFMS

Making Tax Digital for Infor SunSystems

Making Tax Digital with Infor SunSystems, the Government initiative to digitise and streamline tax reporting processes comes into effect from April 2019.

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18. 07. 18 TouchstoneFMS

TouchstoneFMS to implement new Financial Management Solution for Ports of Jersey

TouchstoneFMS to implement a Financial Management, Procurement and Asset Management Solution as part of Ports of Jersey's Business Transformation Programme.

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12. 06. 18 John Chapman

International Project Delivery: How accurate are your timescales?

Common practice around the world is to work five days a week. Yet which days are worked depends on the country.

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04. 06. 18 TouchstoneFMS

Touchstone Customer Conference wrap up by keynote speaker Michael Ryan

If I was to summarise the day into a message that I would give to any CFO it would be this; Digital Transformation is a given for Finance.

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25. 05. 18 David Singh

Digital Transformation at the Touchstone Customer Conference

Digital Transformation in the Finance Function was the theme for the Touchstone Customer Conference 2018. Read our report of the day!

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19. 04. 18

Infor OS leads the way towards Digital Transformation

Infor OS is a unified operating service designed to ensure that all systems work together seamlessly. Register for our customer conference to learn more.

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16. 04. 18 John Chapman

The Field Service Postcard: does your email get through?

Using the concept of the field service postcard, we have the project highlight post card, together with a modern, easy to use interpretation using emoticons.

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