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03. 10. 19 John Chapman

Let’s just talk about your business

Preparing for a workshop: Time is important and not to be wasted, there are questions to be answered, information to be gathered and preparation completed in advance of the session.

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12. 09. 19 John Chapman

Cleaning products and Business Process Reviews

Like all long lasting products, software solutions need ongoing maintenance. The Insight Business Process review service allows you to analyse your processes and ensure optimal performance.

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15. 08. 19 David Singh

Infor Continues to Attract Investment; Good News?

So what will Infor be doing with all this money and what does it mean for us and our Infor customers?

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31. 07. 19 John Chapman

Security & compliance: When can you start the project?

‘When can you start work?’ is often the first question, but one that can be difficult to answer. Read our blog for the security & compliance factors to consider

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24. 07. 19 David Singh

Financial Services and the Loss of Passporting Rights

It is now widely assumed that the UK will lose its passporting rights as a result of Brexit, meaning potentially significant barriers to trade with the EU.

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05. 06. 19 John Chapman

How complexity affects project delivery

How complexity affects project delivery: One of the questions we are usually asked in the early stages of a project, or even in the early stages of pre-sales is “How long will it take?”

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15. 05. 19 John Chapman

Is an argument the sound of success?

Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says. How can opposing positions be used to drive success on your projects?

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20. 03. 19 John Chapman

Gordon Ramsay is the Project Quality Manager

The project team is formed. Roles are aligned with those who have the right skill set. The role of quality manager needs to be filled. Gordon Ramsay is available. He is assigned the role of quality manager.

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28. 02. 19 John Chapman

Does business culture impact project success?

Anyone leading an implementation project needs to recognise the importance of business culture, and have an objective idea of the culture of their organisation.

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22. 02. 19 TouchstoneFMS

Industrial Strength Financial Management for Financial Services

For anyone that is looking to change their Financial Management System (FMS) there is a plethora of software to choose from, but which one is right for your business?

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