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19. 03. 19 Webinar

Industrial Strength Financial Management for the Financial Services Industry

Join us on this hour long webinar to see how Infor SunSystems and the Infor technology stack could provide your Financial Services business with the Industrial Strength Financial Management it needs to weather this uncertain economic climate.

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Masterclass: Selecting & Implementing a new FMS and BI solution

If you are a Finance or IT Professional and have been charged with such a project and are not sure where to start – then this is a MUST attend event for you.

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01. 03. 19 Webinar

Support: B4B v5 End of life

Following the announcement by the product authors that B4B v5 has moved to End of Life, join us on this Webinar to review the implications of this, the new release, upgrade path and next steps for you.

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21. 03. 19 Webinar

Support: To patch or not to patch .. that is the question?

General discussion on the implications of patching and best practise to maintain optimisation – when to patch and how frequently….?

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12. 03. 19 Seminar

Infor Enterprise Asset Management | A Masterclass in Maximising Operational Efficiency

An Infor EAM masterclass that can help you digitise and optimise your maintenance operation to reach new levels of efficiency.

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