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29. 04. 21 Webinar

Support: Virtual drop-in session

During this virtual drop-in session, the Touchstone Helpdesk team will be on hand to answer your questions and burning queries relating to any of the software or solutions we currently support.

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21. 04. 21 Webinar

Support: SunSystems 6: Financial Calendars

How to use Financial Calendars to control your 'open' periods and dates and prevent errors.

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20. 05. 21 Webinar

Transaction Allocation options in SunSystems 6

Using Account Allocation, Reconciliation Manager, Transaction Matching and Online Allocation to make allocations easier.

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23. 06. 21 Webinar

SunSystems 6.4: The Fixed Asset Module

An overview of the fixed asset module and looking at some common troubleshooting queries.

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