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Introducing Sysynkt Automation for SunSystems.

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Sysynkt, a ground-breaking automation platform for SunSystems designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of the Finance function. By automating some of the most labour-intensive tasks, Sysynkt automation for SunSystems will save time, money and free up valuable resources.

Date: Wednesday 19th July 2023

Automation for SunSystems, powered by Sysynkt.

[London, 19th July 2023] – We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Sysynkt, a ground-breaking cloud automation solution designed to transform the way businesses manage their financial processes within SunSystems software. Using Sysynkt automation for SunSystems, organisations can streamline their financial operations, increase efficiency, and boost productivity.

Infor SunSystems has long been recognised as a leading FMS, enabling businesses to record financial transactions with a wealth of analytical information and produce flexible financial reports. However, as companies continue to grow and evolve, manual financial processes often become cumbersome and time-consuming, hindering progress and inhibiting agility. Recognising this challenge, Kalev Kalamäe, a previous end user of SunSystems, developed Sysynkt. Sysynkt automation for SunSystems is an innovative platform that’s built for cloud automation, and which empowers organisations to automate routine tasks and achieve a higher level of financial efficiency and productivity.

Key Features and Benefits of Sysynkt Automation For SunSystems:

Real-time bank payments, receipts and bank reconciliation management: Sysynkt Banking uses Open Banking to link over 2,000 banks and payment bodies – allowing you to make payments quickly and securely, without moving files around. Using the same Open Banking link, bank statement transactions can be downloaded directly from your bank account into Sysynkt for auto-reconciliation against SunSystems.

Purchasing Automation: Sysynkt Purchasing gives your organisation full control and complete visibility over the purchasing processes. From onboarding and managing suppliers through a self-service portal, to a full purchase-to-pay cycle (P2P). Using AI assistance Sysynkt Purchasing ingests purchase invoices, codes, and 2 and 3-way matches and, routes them for approval.

Eliminate manual Currency Rate processes: Sysynkt Currency Rate Automation for SunSystems simplifies and automates the process of getting exchange rates into SunSystems without the need to import and export files, and so it also reduces the risk of errors.

Automates and improves the Expenses process: Sysynkt Expenses gives you an easy-to-use expense management tool which can be used by your entire organisation. Using innovative technology and AI assistance, it can read receipts, regardless of source and automatically create an expense claim to be routed via its powerful workflow engine for approval, matching and posting to SunSystems.

“We are excited to launch Sysynkt automation for SunSystems, an innovative automation platform that will supercharge financial management within SunSystems, since there is nothing else on the market like it. AI and automation are the future and Sysynkt brings that to SunSystems. It is an outstanding solution that we think SunSystems users will massively benefit from,” said David Singh, Infor Business Unit Director at TouchstoneFMS.

“As an ex-SunSystems user and consultant, I saw firsthand the amount of time being wasted by finance teams in just processing transactions. I knew there had to be a better way and with AI-driven automation gaining ground that had to be the answer. With Sysynkt, businesses can streamline their financial processes, reduce manual effort, and unlock new levels of productivity. I believe Sysynkt will empower organisations to focus on strategic initiatives by driving efficiency and accuracy in their financial operations, “said Kalev Kalamäe, Founder of Sysynkt.

To learn more about Sysynkt automation for SunSystems and the features it offers, please visit the Sysynkt website. Alternatively, why not join us on Wednesday 11th October 2023 at our in-person event: Automation for SunSystems, powered by Sysynkt. Find out more here.

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