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Gnosis Limited Partners with TouchstoneFMS to Implement Infor SunSystems Cloud for a Bermuda-Based Reinsurer

We are pleased to announce that Gnosis Limited (Gnosis), a business and technology consultancy for Bermuda businesses, has chosen to partner with Infor Gold Partner TouchstoneFMS. With over 40 years of success in the field of FMS and ERP based on Infor software and technology, TouchstoneFMS have been instructed by Gnosis to supply and implement the latest flagship solution from Infor, Infor SunSystems Cloud for their Bermuda-based reinsurer client.

Gnosis’ client previously relied on an outsourced accounting service, with critical financial transactions recorded on spreadsheets. Recognising the need for a robust enterprise-class Financial Management System (FMS) with a proven track record in the insurance industry, Gnosis deemed Infor SunSystems Cloud, implemented by TouchstoneFMS as the natural choice for this critical upgrade.


What is Infor SunSystems Cloud?

Infor SunSystems Cloud is the latest generation of the renowned financial management system, now offered as a true SaaS solution. Powered by Infor OS (Operating Service), Infor’s robust Digital Transformation platform, Infor SunSystems Cloud provides an industrial-strength financial ERP with all the power, flexibility, and reliability that Infor SunSystems is known for. It offers an affordable, scalable solution tailored to meet your business needs.


How Infor SunSystems Cloud Will Benefit Gnosis’s Bermuda-Based Reinsurer Client

The implementation of Infor SunSystems Cloud will provide numerous benefits to the Bermuda-based reinsurer, including enhancing their financial operations and supporting their business growth strategy. A key feature of this implementation is Infor Q&A (Query & Analysis), an Excel add-in that provides a live link to the accounting database. This tool enables the production of reports in the required format and facilitates the posting of large volumes of data back into the system via Excel. Infor Q&A will significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of financial reporting and data management for the Bermuda-based reinsurer.

Thus far, TouchstoneFMS has provided comprehensive design and implementation, and will continue to offer training, and ongoing support, through their dedicated 18 hours a day, 5 days a week helpdesk services to the Bermuda-based reinsurer. This full-service approach ensures that the Bermuda-based reinsurer will have the necessary support to leverage the full capabilities of Infor SunSystems Cloud. By automating routine accounting tasks and providing real-time financial insights, the system will streamline operations, reduce the risk of human error, and allow staff to focus on more strategic activities.

Overall, Infor SunSystems Cloud will help the Bermuda-based reinsurer to improve financial control, comply with international financial regulations and standards, and gain greater visibility into financial performance. This will be instrumental in identifying trends and insights that drive business strategy, ultimately enhancing the company’s ability to provide reliable and efficient reinsurance solutions.


 “Touchstone is proud of our partnership with Gnosis. Both Touchstone and Gnosis have extensive experience in the insurance sector, and our collaboration ensures that insurance companies achieve an optimal implementation of Infor SunSystems. We look forward to strengthening our partnership further to continue delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.”

Syed Bokhari, Account Manager at TouchstoneFMS


“It was a very positive experience starting with Syed, who responded promptly to emails and answered all our questions. Our consultant, Tom, was fantastic. As fellow accountants, we collaborated effectively, setting up the system to export needed report information. Tom’s Q&A expertise greatly enhanced our reporting.

Project manager Joanne kept us on time and budget, effectively managing the project and ensuring sufficient UAT time with Tom. These dedicated sessions were key to the project’s success, ensuring UAT was completed despite our busy schedules.”

Marelize Le Roux, Chief Financial Officer at Gnosis Limited


Why TouchstoneFMS

Gnosis chose to partner with TouchstoneFMS for several key reasons. TouchstoneFMS boasts renowned expertise and a proven track record in successfully implementing Infor SunSystems for numerous financial clients in Geneva and Bermuda, including Artex, Thomas Miller, IQUW, and Ascot Group.

Touchstone’s extensive expertise in the Financial Services and Insurance sectors, alongside the prior experience of key personnel within the TouchstoneFMS and Infor SunSystems teams further instilled confidence in Gnosis’ decision-making process when selecting a solutions provider. Moreover,  Infor SunSystems’ reporting capabilities through Infor Query & Analysis (Q&A), affirmed its suitability for the Bermuda-based reinsurer’s needs. The natural integration between Infor SunSystems and Excel significantly enhances financial reporting and data management efficiency, aligning with the client’s operational objectives and strategic growth aspirations.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Gnosis. This collaboration has already demonstrated significant potential, and we are excited about the future projects and initiatives we will undertake together. By leveraging our combined expertise and resources, we aim to achieve even greater success and deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. We are confident that our ongoing partnership will lead to sustained growth and shared accomplishments in the years to come.


About Gnosis: Gnosis Limited is a team of business and technology experts in Bermuda, providing unrivalled knowledge and trusted advice to help businesses find the right solutions. Founded in 2018, Gnosis was established with the belief that Bermuda businesses deserve market-leading consultancy services tailored to their needs. Their experienced consultants work closely with organisations and a network of industry-leading partners to deliver superior, customised business solutions.


About TouchstoneFMS: Touchstone FMS has over 40 years of successfully operating in the field of FMS and ERP based on Infor software and technology. As the leading Gold Channel Partner for Infor SunSystems® in the UK, we provide comprehensive services and support to more than 300 clients – spanning both domestic and international markets.

For more information about Infor SunSystems and TouchstoneFMS, visit TouchstoneFMS’s Infor SunSystems page.


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