Asset Management

Record and account for all your business assets regardless of type

Asset register

Infor SunSystems has a highly configurable asset register allowing you to record and account for all your business assets regardless of type. Strong analysis tools allow you to create user defined dimensions to categorise your assets and report on any combination of these dimensions.

Purchasing tools allow you to track assets from purchase order to receipt and use, tracking the assets through the business with the use of barcodes. Key values such as purchase cost, depreciation to date, revaluations and adjustments can be recorded in any currency you choose. Easy upload of asset data from spreadsheets into Infor SunSystems.

The register can handle all standard depreciation methods, as well as providing functionality for creating your own scheme. The disposal function automatically calculates the profit or loss on disposal of an asset.

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Key benefits


Give your finance team the time back usually involved in lengthy manual processes at period end.

Risk Mitigation

Minimise the risk of relying on specific individuals. Once set up, anyone with the right permissions can run the Asset Register and depreciation routines.


Minimise errors caused by downloading and uploading of data into spreadsheets. All calculations and resulting postings are based on source data held in the Asset Register. Track assets from purchase to disposal with a full audit trail


Easily change the basis for depreciation or revalue as the business demands