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Get paid faster with Credit Hound for Infor SunSystems

Join us for a free webinar this April, hosted by Draycir’s Elyshia Mansfield and Touchstone’s David Singh.

Date: Friday 28th April 2023, 10:00AM BST


Join us for a free webinar and discover how Credit Hound can improve your credit control.

Hosted by Draycir’s Elyshia Mansfield and Touchstone’s David Singh, this webinar will explore how the advanced credit control solution, Credit Hound, can improve your credit control, thanks to its automation of many day-to-day tasks.

Users can benefit from:

  • Better cashflow and reduced debtor days
  • Get paid faster with a pay now button on invoices
  • A quick return on investment
  • Improved time management
  • Pro-active accounts receivable
  • More available cash for the business
  • Instant overview of money overdue
  • Automates day-to-day credit control tasks
  • Sends automated emails for payments nearly due and overdue
  • Automatically diarises telephone calls; keep on top of promised payments and disputed invoices
  • It’s quick and easy to install with customisable workflows to ensure customers are chased at the most appropriate time and method


This webinar has now ended. To view the recording, visit our GoToWebinar page: 

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