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Coronavirus: COVID-19 TouchstoneFMS Statement

Coronavirus – Covid-19: A TouchstoneFMS Statement

Update: 13th July 2020

In light of recent Government advice relating to the Coronavirus situation in the UK, we have published additional information relating to our Helpdesk & Service delivery team.

The Helpdesk and Service delivery team has, for many years, been able to work seamlessly & fully operational from home or any office location in order to mitigate any disruption caused by weather or travel. This includes telephony, system access to all helpdesk test labs, internal communications and access to client systems. For the consultancy delivery team, there are a number of collaboration tools that have been well tested to enable us to deliver training and consultancy remotely. Since 16th March, the helpdesk team fully migrated to working from home. This has been a seamless transition with no interruption to the service delivery.

In line with government guidelines, all employee travel has been restricted. All service & consultancy continues to be delivered remotely. Due to the recent announcements of relaxation of lockdown measures in the UK, Touchstone is currently reviewing and introducing new safety measures within our office environment to ensure it meets all recommendations. The office will be open from August should employees wish to work from there, under these new guidelines. There will be NO compulsion for staff to work from the office and they continue to be actively encouraged to WFH. We are currently continuing to deliver all of our services from home remotely, and the well-being of our staff remains paramount. In short, it is business as usual for the team, albeit remotely.

If you have concerns regarding contingency for your own Business Continuity Planning around staff shortages or system administration of your finance applications, Touchstone Helpdesk can help. We already deliver a number of enhanced support packages for short, mid and long term assistance of system & technical administration. If you wish to discuss the potential options that may be available to you, please contact us to discuss.


Previous Statements

Date: 16th March 2020

TouchstoneFMS Customer Service & Support Planning

At this challenging time, our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers and their family members.

For that reason, TouchstoneFMS has been encouraging home working and avoiding unnecessary travel, or face to face interaction with colleagues, and customer meetings.

As an organisation, we are well prepared for the current disruption. In recent years we have increasingly sought to use technology to allow us to engage with customers remotely where necessary, to assist them along the critical stages of selecting, implementing, adopting and optimising business applications.

All of our team members are currently working from home. They use remote communication tools and their inbuilt capabilities to enable a full suite of collaboration techniques.

Whilst the coming weeks will undoubtedly be difficult ones for the country and for the individuals and families directly affected, at TouchstoneFMS we are very much open for business, we have a depth of resource and capability to deal with the challenges we face.

We have the people in place working remotely at home to continue to provide on-going support to our customers, to enable them to carry out their important activities at this difficult time, and a sales management and consultancy team to assist them to explore any future ambitions.

Thank You

The TouchstoneFMS Team

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