BI and Enterprise Performance Management

Gain a deeper understanding of your entire organisations business performance with Infor d/EPM

Infor d/EPM

dynamic/Enterprise Performance Management Software

Infor d/EPM is a comprehensive Enterprise Performance Management platform which offers your users the capability of managing and exploiting the data within your organisation on demand as well as significantly improving reporting and planning cycles.

The software gives you the ability to make real time decisions based on live data, create forecasts on the fly, with access anytime, anywhere. With Infor d/EPM, you'll gain greater insight, so you can make more informed decisions, quicker, across your enterprise.

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Key Features of Infor d/EPM

Budgeting & Forecasting

Create deep plan hierarchies, compare plans to forecasts, and adjust plans on the fly. Task management, decision packages, workflow, and versioning capabilities bring a whole new level of discipline and flexibility to your budgeting processes.

Financial Consolidation

Consolidate multiple sets of ledgers quickly and seamlessly from each of your legal entities, process elimination entries, and generate a single set of financial statements.

Predictive Analytics

Plan your business using predictive analytics and powerful forecasting capabilities to drive strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

Strategy Management

Map out your strategic goals, tie them to your tactical plans, monitor progress and take action.

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