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Touchstone helps Braza Bank on its digital transformation journey with Infor SunSystems Cloud

We are delighted to announce that Braza Bank (Braza), an E-money institution specialising in the Brazilian market and offering solutions for mass payments to and from Brazil, has selected Infor Gold Partner Touchstone FMS Ltd (Touchstone) to supply and implement Infor SunSystems Cloud.

Touchstone has successfully implemented Infor SunSystems Cloud and integrated it with Braza’s currency trading system. Key to the selection and success of the project was the multi-currency and analysis functionality of Infor SunSystems and Touchstone’s extensive experience in the financial services sector.


What is Infor SunSystems Cloud?

Infor SunSystems Cloud is the latest generation of the renowned financial management system, Infor SunSystems, now offered as a true SaaS solution. Powered by Infor OS (Operating Service), Infor’s innovative Digital Transformation platform, Infor SunSystems Cloud, provides an industrial-strength financial ERP that is powerful, flexible, affordable, and scalable to meet the business needs of growing organisations.


How Infor SunSystems Cloud Will Help Braza Bank

Infor SunSystems Cloud will provide many benefits to Braza Bank. As a cloud solution, it offers the E-money institution scalability and flexibility to digitise their financial management processes and allows end users access to their accounting and reporting applications from any location worldwide. As Braza grows its global footprint, Infor SunSystems will underpin that growth without the need for significant infrastructure investment. The system will easily accommodate increased transaction volumes and expansion in line with business operations.

With robust financial management capabilities, including real-time currency processing, financial reporting, and budgeting, the integration of Infor SunSystems Cloud with their currency trading system gives Braza Bank real-time daily P & L information and improved operational efficiency. Additionally, by automating routine accounting tasks, such as cash management, Infor SunSystems Cloud will reduce the risk of human error and free up resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

Infor SunSystems Cloud also supports compliance with international financial regulations and standards. This is particularly beneficial for Braza Bank, given its focus on the global currency markets and the need to navigate diverse regulatory environments. The system’s comprehensive analytics and reporting tools will provide greater visibility into financial performance, helping to identify trends and insights to drive business strategy.

By leveraging these capabilities, Braza Bank can enhance its financial operations, support its growth strategy, and continue providing efficient and reliable payment solutions in the Brazilian market and globally.



 “We are delighted to have been chosen by Braza Bank to deliver their new financial accounting and management reporting system. Infor SunSystems Cloud is a great fit for their needs and will scale in line with Braza Bank’s growth expectations.

SunSystem’s multi-currency capabilities are exactly what Braza Bank needs when dealing with complex currency trading. As part of the implementation, we will be integrating Braza’s currency trading system that manages heir front of office trading activities. Touchstone was an obvious choice for Braza Bank because of our expertise in the financial services sector and specifically currency trading.”

David Singh, General Manager at Touchstone FMS Ltd



Why Touchstone

Touchstone was the ideal partner for this project due to our extensive experience and expertise in implementing Infor SunSystems globally as well as our expertise in the currency & commodities sectors. With a proven track record of successful implementations, we deliver robust financial management solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our team combines over 350 years of experience, ensuring we deliver systems fit for purpose not only for the immediate needs of our clients, but fit for the future with headroom for growth


About Braza UK:

Founded in 2007, Braza Bank is an e-Money Institution authorised and regulated by the FCA that specialises in the Brazilian market and was one of the first to offer mass payment services and payment solutions to and from Brazil.

The company is part of the Braza Group, which includes a Brazilian foreign exchange bank (Braza Bank), a digital multicurrency account (Braza On), and a tech company focused on innovative financial solutions (Braza Tech). Together, the group has handled over 10 million financial transactions in the past five years.


About TouchstoneFMS:

Touchstone FMS has over 40 years of successfully operating in the field of FMS and ERP based on Infor software and technology. As the leading Gold Channel Partner for Infor SunSystems® in the UK, we provide comprehensive services and support to more than 300 clients – spanning both domestic and international markets. For more information about Infor SunSystems Cloud and how it can help your organisation enhance its financial operations, email and TouchstoneFMS, visit TouchstoneFMS’s Infor SunSystems page.


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