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Benchmark your Helpdesk service

At Touchstone we take a very simple approach to the Helpdesk service that we provide and that is our Helpdesk is there to help, no ifs, no buts, no clock watching and no upselling.

If you have a support and maintenance agreement with us, then we are going to provide you with high quality support when you need it and we will provide you with the latest software updates, letting you know when they are available, and installing them upon your request. This is all part of our Essential Support Service.

We often hear people describe the helpdesk service they receive as basic, with any request beyond the very simple, as extra and therefore chargeable. How often have you heard the helpdesk agent say “that’s consultancy” or “that’s not part of the standard service”, if that sounds familiar then read on.

We firmly believe our Customers should receive a first class service from a best in class Helpdesk that is;

  • Built on the quality of its people and at Touchstone we have some of the best people in the business.
  • Is there not just for reporting faults but also for helping you get the best out of your software after all we’re the software experts and you should be able to look to us for advice and guidance as part of the service.
  • That is part of the entire customer journey from the start of the implementation right through to go-live and BAU

There are a number of key metrics a Helpdesk service should be measured against:

  • Call response times and incident tracking
  • On-line customer portal and communications
  • Staff knowledge & depth of experience
  • Technical capability and ability
  • Customer self-service and on-line knowledge base
  • Customer success management
  • Best practice guidance
  • Helping you get the best from your software

If you feel that your current service is lacking in any of the above, we invite you to benchmark it against our Helpdesk service for 30 days. For more details on how to set up your free 30 day trial of our Essential Support Service, complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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