Why Touchstone

Why Touchstone should be your choice for Infor SunSystems partner

Why Touchstone

TouchstoneFMS is the leading Infor Gold Channel partner specialising in Financial ERP, Business Intelligence & Enterprise Asset Management.

We know you have a choice, and that is why we work in partnership with our customers, to ensure they are getting the most out of their software investment and keeping up to date with the latest functionality and technology.

Our Support helpdesk is second to none, entirely based in the UK and staffed by experts in their field.

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Experience & Skills

Longevity brings with it a lot of skill and experience, at Touchstone we are lucky enough to have very low staff turnover and are immensely proud of the people who work for us. We have hundreds of years of experience amongst our team as well as technical skills acquired by investing in training for our staff as well as qualification on the job.

When you are dealing with a consultancy you need to be sure that the people who will be implementing and supporting you through this significant investment aren’t just technically competent, they are business savvy also. A business is a complex thing with many aspects and facets and the best Consultants are those that are both experts in their solutions but also have real world experience of business, which our people do.

Invested in Infor

We firmly believe we cannot be a “jack of all trades. Unlike some of our competitors we do not carry multiple software brands, instead we made the choice to align ourselves to one big player, Infor. In working with Infor we are able to offer a complete range of applications that work together as one. For 30 years we have led with SunSystems, which was acquired by Infor in 2006. Over the past 10 years Infor have added solutions such as Infor d/EPM (dynamic Enterprise Performance Management), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), HCM (Human Capital Management), ION (Intelligent Open Network) as well as a range of other applications.

By focusing on Infor, we believe we have the best skills to be found in the industry and as such we continue to attract people who have those specialist skills. This means our customers are getting world-class, specialised software from one of the largest business software providers in the world, Infor, in partnership with us, who have the best people in the industry.

Trusted Partner

Our mission is simple; To be a trusted partner and advisor for our customers. We want to be working with you for the next 5 years minimum, better still 10, and indeed we have some customers who have been with us longer than that. Clearly, your business will only stay with us if we have acquitted ourselves well, earning your trust during the planning and implementation of your system and the ongoing service that we provide.

It is our job to convince you that as a provider of your financial management system we can be relied upon to give you guidance, counsel and best practice advice on the business issues and challenges that you face. Through our specialist Business Units, we can help you with a range of business issues including CRM, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management, Spend Management and Business Process Management.

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At Touchstone we have been supplying, implementing and supporting financial management systems since 1982. During that period we have been witness to and taken part in all the major technology waves from the advent of the twin floppy PC, PC networks, mini computers, Unix, DOS, 4GL, Client Server, RDBMS, .COM, the Internet, mobile devices and now The Cloud, in short we have seen it all.

Throughout our 35 years, our business and our people have embraced these waves (often tidal waves) with our customers at the forefront of our thoughts, always asking the question "how will this benefit them?" During this time we have seen organisations similar to us, as well as software brands come and go, and we fully intend to be around for the next 35 years, doing what we do best for our customers and our staff.