Organisational Insight – Are you prepared to act on it?

30. 09. 18 Lucy Day

Feedback. We are always encouraged to give it, but the reality in so many cases is that it’s taken, but never implemented.And in some cases, honest feedback is not appreciated.So, why do we ask for feedback if we aren’t going to do anything with it?

Imagine you are a Finance Director, and you’ve received a number of complaints from suppliers regarding overdue invoices and late payments. The obvious move is to speak to your Accounts Payable team and find out why these issues are occurring. However, before you do this, you should also be asking yourself, as a business leader, “what am I prepared to do with the information once I have it?” If the answer is very little, or nothing at all, then where is the value in asking for that feedback in the first place?More importantly, what you then need to ask yourself is, what is the impact this will have on my business if I take the “do nothing” approach?

We all love getting glowing reports or a pat on the back for a job well done, but that is not the feedback that encourages and drives forward change. Challenging whether something is working as it should, or in the best way, and getting truthful feedback in a constructive manner is essential for organisations to gain insight into how they function.

It is through this information that effective business leaders can lead the change necessary for improvement.Many organisations think they do this, but do they really? The most successful organisations that I have worked with have been the ones that have decided to gain that insight, undergone the business process review, and then have acted on the feedback they received.

Why invest the effort required, to then ignore the feedback presented to you?The reality is that truth and a realistic overview of your business is needed in order to make well-informed decisions and guide your business in the right direction.Companies that lead and grow in their markets understand this, and the need to embrace change and continuous improvement based on the feedback given from employees, customers and partners as part of that process.

At Touchstone, we pride ourselves on being trusted advisers, and our Insight (business process review) service gives our customers the opportunity to analyse and provide feedback on their business processes; to then understand where there may be areas of improvement. This can be fully documented in a detailed and comprehensive presentation, giving a clear picture of the business to key stakeholders.

Insight Reviews have formed the basis of many of our customer’s business transformation and digitisation projects, however, in all these cases, a significant success factor has been the key stakeholder’s willingness to listen to the feedback presented and effect the change(s) recommended. If you too are looking at business process improvement, why not talk to us, and whether our Insight service may be of value to your organisation.

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Lucy Day

Written by:

Lucy Day

Senior Account Manager


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