Infor OS leads the way towards Digital Transformation

19. 04. 18

Over the past few years, Infor has been working hard at creating a technology platform that will be the foundation for Digital Transformation for users of their business applications. Unlike other software authors who have multiple product streams which all look, feel and work differently, and don’t inter-operate, Infor have created a unifying platform ‘Infor OS’ which underpins all their applications, with a common user experience, encouraging collaboration.

Infor OS is an operating service planning for the future. It serves as the underlying foundation for the entire enterprise, ensuring that systems work seamlessly together, deliver business insights automatically, and have the flexibility to support change. Infor's focus is on delivering technology that goes beyond enabling business; to driving it, putting the user at the centre of every experience. The result is a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs stakeholders in everything they do.

The key principle of Infor OS is to maximise the potential of both technology and people through:

Building on a foundation established around collaboration, mobility, extensibility, and integration, Infor OS offers new capabilities that turn disruptive technology into a competitive advantage; reinventing how organisations work with, and relate to their workforce, suppliers, customers, assets, and processes. The one constant is change, so any next generation business platform must be purpose-built to accommodate that, Infor OS will take change in its stride.

For more about Infor OS and how it could transform your finance function, our Customer event "The Digital Transformation of the Finance Function" takes place on 17th May 2018.

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