Industrial Strength Financial Management vs General ERP

03. 10. 17 David Singh

For anyone that is looking to change their Financial Management System there is a plethora of software to choose from, but which one is right for your business?

Then you have the burning issues of SaaS vs Perpetual Licence and Cloud vs On Premise, the decisions are no longer as simple as they once used to be.

If we believe everything we read according to the industry soothsayers, the only way to go is ERP in the Cloud with wall to wall functionality, with the FMS coming as a natural part of the solution. However on closer analysis many of the popular ERP solutions, particularly those that have been “born in the cloud” for SME’s / SMB’s lack industrial strength FMS functionality.

There are certain sectors and industries that would gain little benefit from the implementation of a general ERP solution; In some instances it could even be a retrograde step. A prime example is the UK Financial Services sector, many businesses will have specialist front of house systems such as underwriting, broking, FX management, investment and asset management etc. which integrate through to the FMS. I doubt there is any ERP system (Cloud or On Premise) in the market today that can offer in one system the total functionality that is contained in these best of breed solutions.

What is needed in such instances is an industrial strength FMS at the heart of the business systems landscape. For the Financial Services Sector in particular there is no better than Infor SunSystems; with its long pedigree and superior functionality it is the FMS solution of choice.

Key features include:

  • Enterprise class unified ledger
  • Unlimited trading currencies and up to 5 reporting currencies
  • Flexible and powerful currency revaluation
  • Consolidation at any level
  • Allocations engine and business rules
  • Open period support and fast close
  • Over 100 different analysis dimensions for data capture and analysis
  • Powerful reconciliation facilities for bank and client accounts
  • Powerful and easy to configure integration capability
  • User defined screens and forms
  • Powerful and flexible reporting and BI tools
  • Compliant with FCA and IAS reporting standards
  • Secure and user driven, available on premise or private cloud hosted
  • Worldwide support and service
All of the above and more is available in the latest generation of SunSystems, V6.3. To find out more about Infor SunSystems and how TouchstoneFMS can help your organisations optimise its financial processes and decision making get in touch

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David Singh

Written by:

David Singh

Touchstone FMS Business Unit Head