Gordon Ramsay is the Project Quality Manager

20. 03. 19 John Chapman

Heat in the kitchen

Gordon Ramsay is a British Chef known for his fiery temper, strict demeanour and use of expletives. His restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total. Ramsay’s reputation is built upon his goal of culinary perfection.

The project team

The project team is formed. Roles are aligned with those who have the right skill set (unlike some projects where it is whoever is available is chosen). The role of quality manager needs to be filled. Gordon Ramsay is available. He is assigned the role of quality manager.

The design of the solution

The design workshop takes place. You are to write the design document. Gordon is to assess the quality of the documentation. He will ask a series of questions in a viva voice which you must answer. His first set of questions about the design are based on the IEEE design criteria:

  1. Is it Correct? The Design is correct if and only if every requirement stated therein is one that the software shall meet.
  2. Is it Unambiguous? The design is unambiguous if and only if every requirement stated therein has only one interpretation.
  3. Is it Complete? The design is complete if and only if it includes all significant requirements whether relating to Functionality and / or Design constraints
  4. Is it Verifiable? The design is verifiable if and only if every requirement stated therein is verifiable. It is verifiable if and only if there exists some process by which a person or machine can check that the software product meets the requirement.
  5. Is it Modifiable? The design is modifiable if and only if its structure and style are such that any changes to the requirements can be made easily, completely and consistently while retaining the structure and style
  6. It is Traceable? The design is traceable if the origin of each of its requirements is clear and if it facilitates the referencing of each requirement in future development or enhancement documentation.

The second set of questions relate to presentation.

  • Does it look like a quality piece of work?
  • Is there a front page?
  • Is there a table of contents?
  • Are there page footers with page numbers?
  • Is there an index?
  • Have version control been implemented?
  • Has it been spell checked?
  • Have page breaks been added in where appropriate?
  • Is the sentence structure quality English?

Like a good plate of food, there has to be substance to what is prepared as well as presentation.


Remember the fiery temper, the use of expletives and exacting standards that the three Michelin Star Chef brings to his work. Mr Ramsay will be assessing your work based on 15 questions.

Answer this:

  • Will your approach to writing the design documentation be different knowing Mr Ramsay will be assessing you?
  • Would your document pass his scrutiny?

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