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12. 09. 19 John Chapman

Gunk, according to their web site, are ‘Makers of The Toughest Cleaners on the Planet’. According to their web site they make

  • Cleansing and Degreasing wipes
  • Engine Defender: Engine Clean and Protect
  • Instant Parts Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Fast Blast Parts Cleaner

The Engine Defender ‘Keeps oil, grease, and road grime from robbing your engine of its best performance’.

If you look at the exterior of an engine sump in a car that has covered many thousands of miles it will be dirty. For older cars there is a build-up of engine oil and grease. To clean this will require a cleaning product such as those manufactured by Gunk.

Extrapolating this analogy to business processes…Business processes evolve over time. Projects will have delivered a system, and from this working practices develop. As employees leave there is a handover of knowledge from one person to another. This can lead to a slow degradation in performance. This is likely to be imperceptible going almost unnoticed each day. Yet over time this will build up. The best performance in the organisation is now no longer the best performance.

Touchstone’s equivalent of the Gunk cleaning solution is The Insight Business Process Review service.

Insight is a four-stage process: no-obligation discovery meeting leading to a proposal, full business process review, report with costed recommendations, and practical work to carry out recommendations.

We spend time talking to staff, finding out why things are being done or not done, why people choose to do things in a particular way, and what ‘good systems’ would look like for them.

Importantly, we also explore skill levels, to assess what level of technical, system and day-to-day knowledge your team have and where improvements are needed.

Working closely with you, we’ll agree critical success factors and identify what will best help you address each of these factors. This is likely to be a combination of process improvements, changes within SunSystems, and fresh training for staff.

To maintain optimal performance requires continual maintenance and cleaning. If you want to wipe away your inefficiencies, clean up non-conformance, look for quick improvements in operational processes, and return to full power, engage with us for our Insight Business Process Review service.

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John Chapman

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John Chapman

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