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10. 10. 17 David Singh

When selecting a new ERP or FMS, choice is important. It matters, people take comfort in the knowledge that if ever things go wrong with the provider they have chosen they can move their business to another. It is choice that keeps an organisation on its toes, it is the fact your competition is one click away that means organisations must offer the highest levels of service and value.

Take products like Infor SunSystems, MS Dynamics or SAGE, these are from well-established software houses, they have pedigree, they have large user bases, they have authors behind them investing substantial amounts in R&D with published development road maps and most importantly a mature channel of partners who compete for your patronage. Most people will shortlist the product and then choose the partner based on skill, domain expertise, quality of service and yes, price.

Contrast this then with a software author that deals directly with the end user that has no channel to distribute its products. It might also be small in terms of size and resources, but on the plus side has an attractive product. They will argue that you will get a very personal service, that every customer is important and that you will be instrumental to the direction of the product, but is that really the case?

Recently I’ve spoken to a couple of organisations who have key systems from small independent providers, one a unified financial ledger system and another a procurement solution and who are looking to change solutions, why? It’s simple; poor service, lack of value and underfunded development. They describe themselves as “hostages to the software author”, who deals with them on their own terms and there is nothing they can do about it, other than change solutions.

A cautionary note therefore for anyone looking to change systems and who might be considering working with a sole author / provider, in doing so you are also signing away choice and choice really does matter. If you find yourself in such circumstances then contact us here at Touchstone where we offer you choice.

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David Singh

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David Singh

Touchstone FMS Business Unit Head