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12. 09. 19 John Chapman

Cleaning products and Business Process Reviews

Like all long lasting products, software solutions need ongoing maintenance. The Insight Business Process review service allows you to analyse your processes and ensure optimal performance.

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09. 02. 17 John Chapman

Full service menu: Michelin 3-star projects

What if projects were assessed like a menu in a restaurant? How would it be worded? Here's our menu to a successful implementation.

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30. 11. 16 John Chapman

Project culture and the ‘tone from the top’

Culture is much more about people than it is about rules. Codes of conduct are a baseline; a project culture is created by what you do rather than what you say.

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09. 11. 16 John Chapman

Why you need a ‘lipsmackin’ communication strategy

The success of a project ultimately relies on those who will be using the solution. They need to be properly engaged and informed. Read our guide to an effective communication strategy.

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30. 09. 16 John Chapman

Training: the wider context for delivering improvement

It’s important when creating a training programme to consider the organisation’s strategy for delivering improvement in employee skills and capabilities.

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13. 09. 16 Andes Loukianos

Eight steps towards successful business transformation

How you approach business transformation from the project outset is the key to its success. Here are 8 steps to help ensure you keep your project on track

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08. 09. 16 John Chapman

The importance of effective project management

It's important to have a robust project plan and methodology in place. This process creates a cornerstone for effective project management that can be referred too and assessed throughout.

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30. 08. 16 John Chapman

The illusion of communication…

Communication, communication, communication, we need to communicate: not once or twice, but to be in constant communication.

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22. 08. 16 John Chapman

Blog: why have formal documents? The devil is in the detail…

In writing a project plan, decisions have to be taken. What deliverables are to be completed? As the saying goes ‘The devil is in the detail’

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22. 07. 16 John Chapman

The man on the Clapham omnibus

Business process analysis identifies the changes that are required to deliver the project objectives. These changes include organisation roles and hierarchies to be revised.

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