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14. 01. 20 TouchstoneFMS

Ports of Jersey Case Study

Ports of Jersey (POJ) operates the Island’s harbour and airport, as well as other infrastructure on the island. In late 2017 they embarked on an ambitious digital transformation project.

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03. 11. 17 David Singh

10 good reasons to upgrade to SunSystems 6.3

Are you looking to build a business case to upgrade to SunSystems 6.3?, then keep reading for 10 strong reasons to make the move from SunSystems 4.

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10. 10. 17 David Singh

Choice matters when selecting a new FMS or ERP software

When selecting a new FMS or ERP software solution, choice is important. Don't get stuck with software or a provider that cannot meet your needs

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05. 10. 17 John Chapman

Project Management - The People vs Precision

Have you worked on a project where you produce a plan, issue it out, then little happens. Read our blog on how successfully get your project on track.

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03. 10. 17 David Singh

Robust Financial Management for Financial Services

For anyone that is looking to change their Financial Management System there is a plethora of software to choose from, but which one is right for your business?

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14. 07. 17 John Chapman

Newton's Laws of Motion and creating project momentum

The purpose of the project is to produce change. The purpose of the programme is to realise outcomes. To realise these we need to bring a force to bear on the individual/the organisation.

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01. 06. 17 TouchstoneFMS

TouchstoneFMS Infor SunSystems User Day 2017

We are delighted to announce our Infor SunSystems User Day 2017, this is a must attend event for all users of Infor SunSystems and add-on applications.

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09. 02. 17 John Chapman

Full service menu: Michelin 3-star projects

What if projects were assessed like a menu in a restaurant? How would it be worded? Here's our menu to a successful implementation.

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30. 11. 16 John Chapman

Project culture and the ‘tone from the top’

Culture is much more about people than it is about rules. Codes of conduct are a baseline; a project culture is created by what you do rather than what you say.

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09. 11. 16 John Chapman

Why you need a ‘lipsmackin’ communication strategy

The success of a project ultimately relies on those who will be using the solution. They need to be properly engaged and informed. Read our guide to an effective communication strategy.

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