A low maintenance and highly flexible business intelligence and enterprise reporting platform

Introducing Sharperlight 5

Sharperlight allows access to data across multiple enterprise systems helping you to make truly intelligent and timely business decisions ahead of your competition. It's a secure "Out of the Box" solution, featuring personalised dashboards, report packs and a powerful engine and integration framework delivering simplified business intelligence.

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A Suite of Components: Dynamic, Interactive Reports and Dashboards

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Web Reporting

Sharperlight can present dynamic tables, charts, pivot tables and presentation reports using its own web service. It has an application called Publisher, for managing and configuring these published queries. Each query can be filtered and refreshed in the web, and it will return the latest data.

  • The web content delivered through Publisher can be graduated with basic HTML4 tables, more complex HTML4 with Javascript automation, all the way to sophisticated HTML5 visualisations.
  • Every published query has a unique web address referencing the query and the output style. This means each query can be uniquely referenced in a webpage, or in an email, or bookmarked in a web browser.
  • For pixel perfect report layouts, Publisher has a WYSIWYG report designer that can output reports to PDF, HTML and Microsoft Word.


Sharperlight dashboards are created and maintained using an HTML5 interface in a web browser. A dashboard consists of a page and each page can contain multiple rectangular tiles. The tiles can be resized and re-positioned, the tile can display published content from Publisher or display any valid web address.

  • Tiles have a default content view and an expanded view that can be displayed by double clicking on the tile title bar.
  • A single dashboard can mashup content from multiple data sources.
  • Every dashboard has a unique URL address and thus, they can be embedded into any browser interface that supports a URL.
  • Tiles can auto align to each other or overlap, each can have different colour scheme and tooltips can be added to the tile title bar.

Excel Reporting

The Sharperlight Excel® Add-in gives end-users easy access to the Query Builder and a drilldown data explorer. The Sharperlight queries are anchored in the worksheets, using formulas and the construction of these formulas is wizard driven through the Query Builder. These formulas fully support cell referencing and automatic recalculation, so results will refresh as filters are changed or when a recalculation is forced.

  • The Microsoft Excel Add-in is compatible with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • Cell, Table and Sheet formulas.
  • Filter with cell referencing and automatic lookup windows appear when double clicking referenced cells.
  • Query Manager for managing and re-using seed queries in the same workbook.
  • The Sharperlight formulas are drilldown points which can loaded into Explorer for slice and dice analysis.
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Query Builder

The Query Builder is a user interface with separate panes for filters, field selection and output. Simple enough for the infrequent user and with deep functionality with menus on each pane title and fields have right hand click menus. In the filter pane the user can select between different query styles using the mode filter and when the user selects the table, it becomes the focus for the query structure and it populates the fields and relationships in the selection pane.

  • The datamodel acts as a presentation layer between the complexity of the data source and presents to the users a unified view of query tables, with available fields and relationships.
  • The Query Builder uses drag and drop to select filters and outputs, most fields can be a filter and/or an output. The query engine will construct the query on the fly and optimise the syntax.
  • The filters can inherit and display lookup lists from the datamodel and there are standard lookup wizards for dates and periods.
  • Query results can be previewed in the Query Builder to assist in query design and Preview grid supports drill for further analysis.
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Scheduler: Fresh Reports When You Want Them

The Scheduler is an automation interface for the execution of tasks on a recurring and ad-hoc basis. Each task can have many actions and a task can be executed manually or a schedule. To allow concurrent activity, the Scheduler is only available on installations that have five or more full licenses.

Enterprise reporting at a fraction of the cost**. Get detailed and accurate, real-time reports, sent automatically on individually configured schedules for each stakeholder. Works out of the box, with full customisation options and on-demand delivery.

  • Configure reports to run automatically with built in process flow options
  • Send emails and notifications, RSS feeds and Exceptions
  • Create dynamic schedules and multi burst reports that optionally deliver reports based current calculated values
  • Save PDF and Excel® reports to disk
  • **Requires at least 5 User Licences

Report Designer

The report designer provides more control on the positioning and layout of report pages, and it addresses many of the printing limitations inherit in web browser rendering. It uses a third party component library to provide the reporting engine and a graphical What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWG) designer interface.

  • Uses the Query Builder to construct the data sets and it automatically integrates the query as a report data source.
  • Allows pixel perfect control of field and object placement for reports and business documents.
  • Reports can be accessed through the Sharperlight Web Service and run locally on computers that have the Sharperlight rich client.
  • In the web the reports use the common filter bar to feed parameters back to the underlying reporting engine.
  • The reports can be rendered into PDF and native HTML, it also supports output to Microsoft Excel and Word.

Data Capture and Write Back

Sharperlight has multiple methods of data capture. From within Microsoft Excel, the Sharperlight Add-in can validate and bulk load records using its template driven Writeback interface. There are also Writeback formulas where the Sharperlight formula can be over-written, the input value is interpreted and updated in the data source whilst the cell is reverted back to the formula. In the web Sharperlight can generate web entry forms and entry grids. Typical uses of this feature include creating budgeting templates with built in business rules and validation.

  • All data updates are managed through the secure data model layer where rules and constraints are enforced.
  • Extensive control on lookup and validation lists to ensure that incomplete or erroneous information is caught in the data entry and not during the data load.
  • Data capture uses the Sharperlight Web Service to interface with the target data store and therefore, the data entry does not need a direct connection to the target system.
  • XML output can be created to present to any open API for updating a target business system, for example Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE, etc.
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