Bank Management Software

Drive down payment and receipt transaction processing costs

Bottom line savings

To drive down payment and receipt transaction processing costs, it is imperative to reduce the multiple handling of the same data or manual re-keying of data. Significant cost savings result from using the electronic business processes encapsulated in the Cash Desk business management solution.

Cash Desk for Infor SunSystems is an integrated set of applications which delivers savings that translate directly to the bottom line by:

  • reducing significantly manual processing and administration
  • improving data integrity through best practice business processes
  • eliminating duplicate transaction handling
  • saving time and effort spent on managing and handling transactions
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Key features

Cash Management suite

The Cash Management suite from Professional Advantage comprises B4B, Bank Reconciliation and eRemit. As well as integrating seamlessly, each application can be used independently as a stand-alone solution.

Process automation

The extra costs incurred when tasks are manual increase as volume increases. Automation not only reduces transaction processing costs, but is also vital in reducing the costs of transaction peaks. Users of the Cash Desk software suite report a significant reduction of up to 33% in peak operating costs.

Minimising fraud risks

Cash Desk helps detect and eliminate fraud by offering the Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) facility to reduce the reliance on cheques. Regular bank reconciliations (perhaps daily) assist in the early detection of bank fraud. The deposit slip and receipting functionality, together with the separation of duties, prevents teaming and lading of receipts.

B4B (Banklinks)

B4B provides a seamless link between the payables module within INFOR SunSystems and your bank for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) or internet banking. Catering for all types of bank formats and payment types – including CHAPS, BACS, SEPA and Faster Payments – B4B includes.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation imports and reconciles electronic statements for multiple bank accounts using user-defined matching criteria with automatic creation of bank-generated journals (e.g. bank fees, interest). Automating the process saves time, reduces risk and improves accuracy. Bank Reconciliation electronically imports statements for an unlimited number of bank accounts.


eRemit automatically emails the payment remittances to your suppliers from Infor SunSystems. Fully customisable and easy to use, it provides a quick return on investment compared to admin time and effort as well as postage costs.