Budgeting & Forecasting

Apply multiple budget and forecast revisions against proposed expenditure

Take control of budget process

These days the budgeting and forecasting process is no longer limited to the annual budget round but is a dynamic and constant process. Organisation need to react to and reflect market conditions and other factors that affect the organisation on a monthly basis, as a result using spreadsheets to manage this increasingly complex process is becoming more challenging.

For those organisations who wish to take their budgeting and planning to the next level and move away from the limitation of spreadsheets, Infor SunSystems has powerful integrated budgeting and forecasting application to help you take control of the budgeting and planning process using web based budget templates, workflow ability to move budgets around and authorisation capability to ensure accountability.

The software handles multiple processes, multiple versions as well as the dispatch and collection of budgeting workbooks and the automated transfer of approved budget data to Infor SunSystems so it can be reported upon using the Q&A reporting tool.

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