Document Management Software

Aid compliance and liberate your organisation from the burden of paper-based documents.

Spindle Document Automation

Spindle Professional is an advanced document automation tool designed to improve document handling and security and save time and money. For any business where time and resources are scarce and at a premium, it is the ideal tool for streamlining and automating traditional paper based communications.

Spindle Professional automatically sends your documents and simplifies the whole process. With just one click, it can send documents to multiple locations by email and/or fax. It also reduces human error by automating routine tasks resulting in considerable cost savings, allowing your employees to work more efficiently on other tasks.

With Spindle Professional’s dynamic and flexible software, you can instantly and easily merge information from Infor SunSystems, producing documents such as purchase orders, sales invoices and remittances that can be printed, emailed, faxed or archived.

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