Business Process Automation

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Why Business Process Improvement is Necessary

The modern business is a complex structure made up of numerous business processes. Some may be automated, some semi-automated and some manual; all of which may or may not be connected. As a business grows, new processes are created or existing processes are changed and stretched, it is a constantly shifting landscape. Manual, poor or badly thought through business processes can lead to significant inefficiencies which in turn can lead to increased costs in terms of time and money.

Business process improvement is about helping you improve your business performance and stakeholder (customers, vendors and staff) experiences by identifying, analysing and improving business processes by removing non-value add activities, automating manual tasks, joining together and streamlining processes.

Traditionally, business process improvement has involved engaging expensive “specialist” BPM consultants, making radical changes to the business model. Now however, the principles and techniques that those consultancies use are available through the adoption of easy to use and low cost BPM platforms, which can be used to make incremental and continuous improvements. In doing so, creating a more responsive and productive organisation while at the same time driving down costs.

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BusinessFlow BPM

BusinessFlow is a Business Process Management (BPM) platform that integrates directly with your enterprise applications, including with all Infor applications, which we offer. It can be used to automate repeatable processes in a consistent manner across the organisation; optimising resource efficiency, costs and productivity. The business process management software delivers process design, automation, workflow, knowledge management and analytic capabilities in a single package at an affordable TCO.

Our platform allows organisations to streamline their operational processes by monitoring business processes from beginning to end, with a simple, easy to use web interface. Integrated analytics also increase visibility by delivering extensive reporting capability to key business managers.

BusinessFlow supports many different clients meaning screens are already designed for many platforms and clients. Built-in understanding of client behaviour means that a screen designed for a desktop browser will adapt to other clients.

With security protocols built in to the navigation framework, users are only able to access screens and items they have permissions for.

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Collaborate - Process Design & Modelling

Collaborate for BusinessFlowBPM enables organisations to deliver business transformation, connect strategy to execution, accelerate the pace of a digital business, improve operational performance, reuse and monetise intellectual property. Using Collaborate, organisations can:

  • Create, collect, publish, manage and reuse models, processes, documents, data, knowledge and methods that are crucial to any existing or new initiative.
  • Model different business scenarios before putting them into live.
  • Compare the existing scenario to a proposed model to find the best fit for an organisation and remove any faults or snags before releasing to the business.
  • Map, model and apply stepped or incremental change and improvement.
  • Eliminate the traditional challenges of using separate process knowledge and document management, portal and office productivity tools.
  • Enable users to add knowledge and publish to a portal that all stakeholders can access.

Using Collaborate all levels of the organisation can come together with the right tools to create, use and share. Collaborate has a range of tools and capabilities to help you discover, define and deliver your initiative.

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